Bout Interviewed

Victor Bout was interviewed for the Russian TV by a Russian spy in the US Maria Butina. (Remember the anorexic lady who tried to manufacture material for the Russia collusion story? That’s Butina. She was as inept as a spy as she is as an interviewer.)

To liven up the interview with the morose and starving Butina, Bout tried to invent stories of atrocities committed against him in the US jail for his love of Putin. It’s hard to come up with any interesting atrocities, so he went with a story that he’d never been served any blackberries or parsley with his prison meals.

Bout went on and on, describing the food he had eaten in jail, making the tragically underfed Butina look more and more desperate.

Poor Execution

If you could see the glorification of Victor Bout (Merchant of Death) in Russia and watch even only just 3 minutes of the interviews he smugly gives, your blood would boil and you’d also question the wisdom of swapping him for the Hugely Important Celebrity Druggie whom everybody already forgot.

By the way, Ukraine conducts prisoner of war exchanges with Russia often. And every time manages to negotiate really impressive terms. So please don’t tell me that Biden just couldn’t have traded Griner on better terms. Russians are poor negotiators and its easy to play them. They are emotional and ripe for manipulation. There are, for instance, dozens of daughters of Putin’s oligarchs who can be easily arrested for prostitution. Or drug possession, or money laundering. Go grab a few, and Putin will bring the junkie over in his teeth.

But no, that would require effort. It’s so much easier to let a murderer go than actually think, plan and investigate.

Antidote to Anxiety

At the bottom of identity politics is the fear of human complexity. People are reduced to a single, immutable characteristic to soothe the anxieties of those who can’t deal with anything more complicated.

This is why it’s impossible (and useless) to argue with the people who believe in the importance of identity labels. They are confused and terrified, and trying to introduce any variable into their closed system of thinking throws them off even more.


No comprehensive Medicare for All proposal even exists. Many policy promises that unite the progressive movement—including the Green New Deal, drastic defense cuts, and “tax the rich” plans large enough to finance their spending ambitions—do not actually exist beyond generic talking points.

It’s exactly like our new ultra-woke administrators. All they really stand for are budget cuts. Everything else is an empty slogan they don’t even bother to make half-convincing.

“We are going to increase graduation rates of African-American students by 40%!”

“And how are we going to increase those graduation rates?”

“Work harder!”

That was the actual response we got. “Work harder.” If your students fail, it means that, at best, you are a slacker, and at worst, you are a racist. It’s all vapor aimed at distracting us from austerity measures.