Klara Stories

Klara created a poem:

Baby-bel cheeses are yummy
But nothing's as sweet as my Mommy.

Another funny, if a tad disturbing, story about Klara:

Klara asks, “Did God put me in your tummy because he wanted me to have a really wonderful mommy? Because God loves me and wants me to be happy?”

“Of course, sweetie.”

“Then why did he put you into grandma’s tummy?”

Snow Mounds

This year we are starting with Soviet-era decorated salads early in the season. This one is called “Snow mounds”. Boiled potatoes, beef, mushrooms, boiled carrots, garlic and herb stuffed eggs, shaved parmesan, and the substance for the ingestion of which all Soviet recipes existed. (Whoever knows what substance I mean wins).

Snow mounds