Feels like -36°C

I have waited for this for so long:

I will think about this moment in the endless bleeding summers, knowing that bliss is possible.

Christmas Makeup

In spite of being one of the most overpriced stores in existence, Sephora is at least 60% out of stock. It looks like people will be celebrating Christmas with 3 layers of makeup caked on.

And please don’t say gifts. Who gives makeup as a gift? How can you possibly know what shade or type a person wears? Or what she already has at the moment?

In other positive news, the university is closed until January. I’m still teaching my online winter course (15 weeks of material covered in 3 weeks of daily lectures without weekends) but it’s still very festive not to go to work.

More Masculinity

It’s really funny that many people who made a brand for themselves out of defending masculinity have chosen to support not the strong, courageous Zelensky but the weak, scared Putin who was cucked by his wife and who, while Zelensky went to the frontlines, visited Lukashenko and gave him a bouquet of flowers. An old man whose wife left him for a younger fellow sticking a wilted bouquet into the hands of another old, lonely man – you’ve really messed it up if your brand is tied to that sad image.