Good Enough to Cancel New Year’s

I never read Barbara Kingsolver before. Her most famous novel about an oppressive Protestant preacher in the Congo sounds soporific. But I’m reading her recent novel Demon Copperhead, and it’s good enough to cancel New Year’s. Really good. Crisis literature type of book.

Was I wrong to be prejudiced against her before?

The Year of Courage

Think about what an absolute moral pygmy one needs to be to see this and bleat pathetically about “Biden fighting to the last Ukrainian”:

Priestly Gift

Klara had gotten a Christmas gift at her school’s gift shop for our priest and then forgot what it was. All she knew was that it’s something that priests really needed.

Finally, she received a thank you note from the priest and I found out what the gift was. It turns out she’d gotten him a set of screwdrivers and flashlights.

“Why did you say it’s something that a priest really needs?” I asked.

“These screwdrivers had crosses engraved on them,” she explained. “Imagine if a priest had to use regular screwdrivers and flashlights, without crosses!”