Woke Bureaucracy

I always wondered, why are the woke so bureaucratic? They generate insane bureaucracy in every sphere of endeavor. What causes this?

I found an answer in Whittaker Chambers’ brilliant autobiography Witness. He calls the wokes ‘revolutionists’, and his explanation makes a lot of sense:

They have broken, or are trying to break, the continuity of order in society. By that act, they repudiate tradition, and the chaos they thereby unloose also threatens them. In breaking the continuity of tradition, the revolutionist must seek a cementing substitute. All he has left to fall back on… are those dead papers, interminable procedures, formidable quiddities – and his incongruous regard for them.

Whittaker Chambers, Witness

Chambers also shows that what today we know as “cancel culture” wasn’t “like the USSR.” It was one of the procedures imposed on the US left directly from the USSR. Even an insignificant little worker’s newspaper where Chambers worked was controlled directly from Moscow, and all the Soviet rules were mandated from there.