One Definitive Answer

The creators of ChatGPT have a far more lucrative goal in mind than simply taking my job. The bigger picture is the multi-billion dollar sector that is internet search. And that is why it has been dubbed the Google killer. Google’s parent company Alphabet made $104bn (£86bn) in revenue in 2020 alone, just from search. Taking even a tiny fraction of that market would be a huge prize… Imagine going to a search engine, typing in your query and back comes one definitive answer, rather than pages and pages of links (and ads) to wade through?

Erm. No, I don’t want “one definitive answer”. The whole attraction of Google is that there’s a lot of different sources of information, not just one “final truth” preselected by some woke 23-year-old Snapchat addict. Also, Google has no barrier to entry while the chatbot is completely inaccessible unless you provide tons of info it can’t possibly need. Given how woke its creators are, the access to the chatbot and the quality of its responses will unavoidably be regulated according to everybody’s ideological reliability profile. People who are asking the chatbot facetious questions about political issues are putting themselves on all sorts of blacklists as we speak.

Let’s hope that the general stupidization of all online options doesn’t rob us of search engines, giving us instead “one definitive answer” chosen by a bunch of eager brainwashed children.

New Blog

To distract myself from all the sadness, I have opened up my new blog on Ukrainian literature. You can find it right here but, as I warned before, it’s in Ukrainian.

The first post is dedicated to a novel about Ukrainian Soviet writers in 1946. As I say in the linked post, the scenes of writers having publicly to confess their ideological transgressions feel surprisingly current.

Yes, the cover art tends to be really out there. This is a sad remnant of the 1990s when nobody wanted to read anything serious, so trashy, garish cover art became a norm.