A Different Europe

It will be very strange to be in Europe in 10 days. The knowledge that there’s a war going on in the continent is going to make it a weird visit. It always feels disorienting to be back on the home continent but this time it will be stranger than ever.

Kirkby Riots

In Kirkby, UK a migrant sexually harassed a 15-year-old girl. She had the presence of mind to steadfastly refuse and film his behavior. This is an unusually resourceful girl because even in my twenties in Canada when I was constantly sexually harassed by men from cultures where women are cattle, all I felt was fear and shame. Living in the areas with a high number of such men is constant degradation, constant humiliation and fear. Obviously, this very real sexual molestation is of no interest to #MeTooters but that’s a different story.

The harassed girl in Kirkby posted the video of the harassment and a riot broke out. It’s impossible to find out anything online about what went on because the only existing description has the words “far-right” three times in every sentence making it impossible to read. And of course the most famous Putin pawn in the UK has come out with a much stronger condemnation of the protesters in Kirkby than he ever did of Russian genocide in Ukraine:

I oppose rioting, burning, looting, violence, window breaking, all that. Oppose it completely, it’s a breakdown in civilization, it’s a barbarity that turns people into braying mules. But we’ve spent several decades pretending that this sort of harassment doesn’t exist. This is the result. The path away from rioting isn’t more silence. It’s less.

Cockroaches in a Glass Jar

If you want to be entertained, here’s a delicious long read on wokesters eating each other alive over who’s a bigger traitor to the dogma.

That people would willingly subject themselves to the insanity described in the article when they can be free and simply enjoy life is puzzling. There are so many real, serious hardships in life. Why, why would anybody choose to have a terrible time when they don’t have to? Why amass imaginary “harms” when you can read books by the fireplace, lie in the garden soaking up the sunshine, or laugh with friends over your favorite memes?

The author of the article looks for compassion but I don’t feel sorry for him. He thought he could unleash this ideological monster and somehow avoid it eating him. It doesn’t work that way, however. Both he and “Keisha” – and the young ideologues they raised – will be devoured by the vampire they collectively created.