Strange Fixations

I was stunned to discover that there are still people who are passionately interested in January 6. They are like aliens from another planet. So much important stuff has happened since, yet they are fixated on that deeply boring non-event. It’s quite extraordinary.

Eternal Art

I slept in, and when I finally got up and went downstairs, I found Klara and her 7-year-old cousin perusing a thick tome of Greek myths. This is not a kids’ version. It’s written in the kind of language that even I have to consult the dictionary sometimes. The kids could have turned the TV or a gadget at any time because nobody was supervising but they chose true culture.

They are still reading the book, by the way, and are planning to drag it to the mall where we are going. People keep saying that there’s no need to teach the classics in college because students aren’t interested but it’s not true. Even first-graders dig the myths of antiquity.

Just Jack

I joined the executive board of a professional organization. I haven’t even attended my first meeting of the board yet but I have already discovered that there’s a major drama going on in the organization regarding a gentleman named Jack.

Within the past couple of weeks, several board members resigned in protest over Jack and shared reams of letters condemning him. Other people wrote reams of paperwork in support.

I’m now really excited to be on the board and see the man who’s evokes such powerful feelings in others.

The main charges against Jack are that he allowed part of the professional conference to take place in person and not online, refused to demand vaccination proof and masks at the conference, and “once used a word that can be construed as offensive to the disabled community.” I’m starting to think I will probably not hate Jack.