Real Ají

My sister made ají amarillo. Don’t mind sunflower shoots. I added them for a Ukrainian touch. But the ají tastes very real, unlike the cardboard-tasting stuff sold at “Peruvian” restaurants in St Louis. Extremely delicious.

The Value of Life

This is the leadership of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The burly guy in the middle is the Commander-in-Chief, a four-star general. They are all kneeling as the body of an ensign killed in action is being taken to the funeral.

This is a normal situation in Ukraine. Nobody feels too important to honor the fallen heroes. In the meantime, Russia is throwing away hundreds of its ensigns, sergeants, captains, etc like so much rubbish.

It’s a completely different understanding of the value of the human life. And that leads to a different style of warfare. It also leads to a very different society that the two cultures are trying to build.