I have to say, my university administrators at every level have battled ferociously on my side to preserve in-person teaching. Administrators have really gone all out about this. Even the wokest of the woke supported me.

All the administrators in question are older and male, so I feel like a spoiled, beloved granddaughter. No, they are not that much older but I have spent my whole life recreating the dynamic I had with my great-grandfather who brought me up.

My psychological quirks aside, I feel like COVID lockdowns really scared people, and now most colleagues and all administrators are terrified of “remote teaching.” And thank goodness for that.


As Professor Elena Ponomareva of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations explained on Solovyov’s show in March: “Never let morality prevent you from doing the right thing. I understand the importance of a humanitarian component . . . but morality shouldn’t get in the way.”

Yes, morality is very upsetting, especially when it starts getting in the way.

The Girl Who Loved Lenin

Yesterday at a meeting with Russian businessmen, Putin recited a poem: “I’m a little girl. I sing and dance. I don’t know who Lenin is but I love him.”

That’s the only response he had for entrepreneurs worried about the state of the Russian economy.

Say what you will about Biden, but at least he doesn’t identify as a little girl.