Trump Indictment

The “impending Trump arrest” storyline is complete ridiculousness on both sides. People who will invest any emotion or interest into the story from either side (e.g. “Finally!” or “We need to protest!”) have learned absolutely nothing and clearly enjoy being manipulated.

I have absolutely no idea why, instead of emoting about Trump for the better half of a decade, people can’t find the strength to ask themselves what is it in their relationship with their father that hurts so much. And I mean both people who love him and hate him. Because of their laziness, we are condemned to have a public space that is permanently poisoned by this inane drama. Nobody is even talking about the border wall anymore because all attention has been sucked up by manufactured scandals around the guy who promised to build it and never did.

Also, please note how the same people who have been arguing that helping Ukraine detracts from the efforts to solve the opioid crisis and control the border will now happily forget all about fentanyl and cartels and plunge into the Trump drama.

These people – again, on both sides – are sucking your life energy because that’s how they feed themselves. I’m not say don’t follow the news. News are great. But, for God’s sake, don’t get emotionally invested. The moment you feel an emotion starting to wriggle inside you, know that you’ve been had and start stepping away.

Fashionable Color

The color of the season is beige. I don’t know why but I’m not questioning this excellent development. I look great in beige. And in fire-engine red. This makes absolutely no sense but it’s true. I look best in extremely bright red or beige.

On the negative side, I look hideous in yellow or green. And brown. But then, brown suits almost nobody.

From Freedom to Rage

Great freedom that comes to people who lack a strict moral or religious code or do not have strong societal structures to keep them boxed in always ends up filling those people with great rage.

The Weimar Republic culminated in Hitler. The Russian 1990s led to Putin. That kind of freedom rarely makes people soar. Mostly, it makes them crash. And then they become angry because crawling in the mud is degrading. They start wishing for a strong hand to reign them in and a powerful fist to beat out of others the memory of their recent debasement.

Freedom is fantastic when you can exercise self-restraint and know why you should. Most people do neither.