Ubiquitous Shoulder

My shoulder muscles are killing me. I barely managed to raise my arm to take off my dress. To distract myself from the pain in the shoulder, I open a cooking magazine and start reading recipes.

But what do you think? Of course, half of the issue just has to be dedicated to the different ways of cooking. . . pork shoulder.

There goes my attempt at distraction.


The fight with the education bureaucrat didn’t occur because at the beginning of the meeting she said she’s completely in agreement with me that the teaching of history is too white and that whiteness needs to be removed from teaching. I was so stunned by this accusation that I didn’t get over it until the end of the meeting. I’m still not fully over it.

I won’t be teaching Googling skills, though. So that’s good.

Format Yourself

People keep bickering about the methodology of teaching instead of asking the most important question: how come it’s the school’s job to teach kids to read? When was the last time the kids who are failing to learn saw their parents with a book? Or, even more importantly, without being glued to a phone?

My kid drags heavy volumes with her everywhere and reads past bedtime because that’s what I do. Let’s all collectively leave the kids be and modify our behaviors. We keep formatting the kids instead of editing ourselves. And then we ask why their mental health is for shit.

Instead of asking what’s better, sounding out or sight words, let’s ask, how much do I read? How much do I enjoy reading? What’s the last book I finished? That’s a much more productive venue for exploration.

AMLO and Trump

This is the same president of Mexico who, as Tucker Carlson recently claimed, was conspiring with Biden and Trudeau to dissolve the national borders of Mexico and make it into the same country with the US. Does it mean that he wants Trump to be elected because he believes Trump is more likely to assist in that plan? Or what? Even utter insanity needs to possess some internal logic.

KFC 4 Xi

Given that food-related posts are my most popular ones, here’s proof for my contention that KFC is the best-tasting fast food out there:

This isn’t real KFC, though, so I feel for Xi. This is a Russian brand that bought KFC’s facilities and still illegally uses its logo.

Mental Prostitution

Today I’ll have to spend 45 minutes talking to “a specialist in pedagogy” and pretending to appreciate her insight that every college course should encourage students to use Google because that’s a crucial job skill. I’ll get a sum of money for this exercise in fake passivity.

My compassion for prostitutes has never been higher.