The New Hierarchy

I heard a really spot-on description about the caste system of the fluid global order.

The small, highly mobile, transnational elites will live in a Communist reality. This is Communism in its classical sense, meaning no government, no police, and no disciplinarian authority of any kind will exist to monitor their behavior. Work will be strictly voluntary and highly fluid.

The techie class in the second highest layer of this hierarchy will exist in a Socialist reality. Their welfare will be guaranteed but only in return for very strict policing (or, rather, self-policing) of their beliefs and expression.

The third rung of the ladder will live in the dog-eat-dog capitalist reality of the 19th century or the post-Soviet countries in the 1990s. It will be a battle for physical survival with no protective cushion that developed capitalism used to have.

The lowest caste in the hierarchy will live in the feudal or slavery-like system.

The words “communism, socialism, etc” are only used here to make the explanation easier. Let’s not get hung up on the terminology too much. It’s the description that matters.

The Purpose of Destruction

This is the kind of evil we are dealing with. Over 900 Russian soldiers died yesterday for the goal of being able to do this. People keep asking, “But why are the Russians fighting? What do they want?” What they want is what you see in the video. The process is the goal. Destruction, suffering. They were happy watching the earthquake devastation in Turkey. Imagine how much more enjoyable they must find the horror they themselves created.

Who Guarantees Rights?

In the comments, people are hilariously asking if minimum wage laws apply to such hires.

What’s funny is that they never wonder about the source of the laws. Who makes them? Who guarantees them? Who enforces them?

No nation-state, no minimum wage laws. And no welfare protections of any sort. But the feeling of entitlement is such that people seem to think their rights are like the sun. They simply exist and can never go away as long as life exists on Earth.