Not For You

Oh, thank God. I hate the stupid “for you” tab. It’s great that only the blue checks will be persecute by it.

Ukraine: Conservative or Woke?

Thanks to this wonderful volunteer, there’s a translation of this important discussion on whether Ukraine is a conservative or a woke project:

The question can only arise in the minds of those who are completely unfamiliar with the situation but it’s ok, nobody should be blamed for not knowing.

As to why US (but not European) conservatives are pissing away a brilliant chance to suddenly become relevant while supporting nationalism, patriotism, freedom of speech and of religion, the reason is the same as why they piss away every chance to not be irrelevant. Conservatives in Europe have figured it out but ours are determined to marginalize themselves forever.

In Concert

Which federal government in the USA?

Exactly. The Trump and Biden administrations worked in complete concert to make this happen. Whether you like the PREP act amendments of 2020-2021 or not, it’s undeniable that both administrations made them happen.

But only one managed to get rid of Fauci.