My Self-awareness

As an illustration of the preceding post’s point, please consider that I was the sort of person who spent 20 years obsessively telling everybody that I’m done with Ukraine and don’t care about it in the least.

Well, at least I’m aware that I’m not very self-aware.

What People Don’t Understand

What’s something most people don’t understand?

Themselves. Most people have a better understanding of quantum physics than of who they really are.

A good rule of thumb is this. When somebody says, “I’m the kind of person who”, whatever comes after “who” is the exact opposite of what they are like.

People who keep using the words “revolutionary” and “rebellious” are the biggest conformists in existence. People who keep harping on their laziness are the most hard-working bastards out there.

“I’m very cautious and distrustful” said recently an acquaintance who has fallen for more phone scams than I have hairs on my head. Self-awareness is the rarest of qualities.

How to Be Liked

If you have a meeting where you really want to impress somebody, try repeating everything they say as they say it in your mind. It’s like creating an echo of their words in your brain. (Don’t repeat anything out loud, of course. That will scare people).

The reason why this is a surefire way to make somebody instantly appreciate you is because this technique concentrates your attention deeply and immediately on that person, and people really appreciate attention.

This works beautifully in dating, too. The problem is that a person who requires effort to like you romantically is not worth the effort.