Real Twitter Punishment

If somebody is being an asshole on Twitter, block them instead of replying. The Twitter algorithm punishes people for getting blocked and rewards them for getting replies.

Quote of the Day

`Do you know how impossible my working life is? Does either of you have a clue? No. I thought not. Well, let me tell you. I come in at the beginning of every shift with a list of things to do, carried over from the previous day. The trouble is, before I have a chance to start doing any of them, more things appear out of nowhere-paperwork, idiots causing problems for no reason, people needing to see me and talk to me.’ He winced, evidently of the view that both these needs were staggering in their depravity.

Sophie Hannah, Little Face

Terrible Flaws

“I heard a journalist say,” N tells me, “that Soviet people were used to think one thing, say something completely different and do something even more different. And this explains why Putin and everybody around him are acting so crazy.”

“That makes sense,” I say, starting to think of the many examples of this phenomenon.

“So I started to wonder,” N continues, “am I also like that? Do I have this problem?”

If N hears that somebody somewhere on the planet has a character flaw, he immediately finds that flaw in himself. I’m glad he hasn’t heard about the Nashville shooter and hasn’t started looking for echoes of her dysfunction inside himself.