Book Nostalgia

I still miss reading Demon Copperhead. I spend time fondly remembering how I felt when I was reading it. N borrowed the book and took it to his room, and now I feel sad that it’s no longer as close as I want it to be.

Teaching Methods

This is utterly ludicrous. No child needs to spend more time stuck behind a desk. If you can’t teach them what you need in the preceding 6 hours, additional 30 minutes will simply add to the useless torture.

This is exactly what one would do if one wanted children to hate the very idea of reading.

Toddler YouTube

This is the first Matt Walsh episode I have watched in my life, and I’m shocked by the nature of the children’s shows he describes:

I live in a different world, so I had no idea this existed.

As Walsh says, this kind of thing helps one lose the fear of death. But beyond Walsh’s comments and the incomprehension of people in the comments, the scenes from the actual shows – I can’t even believe this is real.

For those who don’t want to watch the show, it talks about a massively popular YouTube channel for toddlers (yes, I know) that features videos where adults behave in creepy and moronic ways. Not political, not sexual but gosh, I can imagine stuff that’s even woke that’s less soul-crushing that whatever this is.