International Day Update

The Russian journalist was nice. She said she emigrated from Russia to Ukraine in 2013 and learned the language, so I forgave her for being Russian. Unfortunately, she’s not a great public speaker and doesn’t know that unless you have a talent for public speaking, you need to train and prepare. A lot of stuff she wanted to talk about involved play on words (like the famous babovna), and you just can’t explain that well if your English isn’t fantastic and you haven’t thought it through beforehand.

But the star of the event was an American professor of International Relations who talked about what the world will look like in 2050. He’s a superb public speaker, better than I am. Brimming with energy and optimism. He explained why all the doom-and-gloom predictions about the war with China, climate apocalypse, or resource scarcity were stupid. I hear the arguments he made regularly on Ukrainian TV, and it was a strange experience to hear them in English. I was greatly tempted to ask him if he was a Ukrainian spy because both the content of his talk and the energetic, exultant delivery sounded very familiar.

Of course, the audience bristled because they love drama and imaginary catastrophes.

We need many more people like that professor. He was like a smart Tony Robbins.

Non-woke on Campus

The International Day is extraordinarily non-woke. I’m on the fourth speaker so far, and not a single slogan has been unfurled. It’s a very strange experience to hear several talks in a row by completely normal people.

The director of our International Studies is Eastern European, which explains the normality of the invitees.

Propagandists for Sale

Also, I talked to the Russian dissident at our event, and she says she worked with the Russian chief propagandist Solovyov back in the 2000s. I asked her if my memory of him as quite anti-Putin and pro-West is correct, and she confirmed. The guy’s been so rabid that I started to doubt my own memory.

Never forget that famous propagandists don’t believe their own narratives. They are exploiting poor, deluded proles who trust them.

True Dummies

Yes, but do these dummies actually identify as women? Has anybody bothered to ask or are we OK with blithely midge seeing them?