I invite everyone to read the comments to see how utterly lacking in a sense of humor most people are.

Frost Advisory

A frost advisory has been issued for our region. Life suddenly feels a lot sweeter.

We are doing our first barbecue of the season today, so the drop in the temperature is doubly welcome.

I don’t know why I keep calling it a barbecue when it’s clearly a shashlik in every possible way but what’s funny is that the discussion N and I had today about what to drink with the shashlik revolved around Perrier and San Pellegrino. We’ve turned into those crazy healthy people we used to find very puzzling when we were younger.

Great Achievements

#MeToo brought this while George Floyd brought an explosion in black victims of homicides. And this result was easily predictable all along because of how the cause was defined.

Free to Invent

You get so used to having all of your time outside of work claimed by a child that it becomes a way of life. And then all of a sudden, the child is 7 and tells you in a tolerant way, “I’m busy right now, Mommy, but I’ll play with you later.” Which, by the way, I never said to her in her life.

As a result of suddenly free morning, I invented a new breakfast recipe. I thought it would be absolute garbage but it turned out surprisingly delicious. I cracked two eggs into 1/3 cup of ryazhenka (US alternative is kefir), mixed it with a teaspoon of flour, added a handful of chopped up ginger, some shredded carrots, sunflower shoots and cumin seeds. Then I cooked it as an omelet. The carrots and the shoots only have time to cook a bit, so they remain firm and balance out the mushiness of everything else.

I don’t have a picture because ryazhenka is beige, and that makes the result look nothing special. But it tasted phenomenal.

Iraq Killed NATO

NATO doesn’t exist. The Iraq war killed it.

There is absolutely no likelihood that American voters will support sending troops to any place that didn’t militarily attack the US. And if the US doesn’t honor NATO’s obligations, there’s no NATO.

Everything has consequences. The Iraq war was so colossally stupid and massively immoral that its impact will be felt for a long time. It showed that the US army is weak and incompetent. It changed the perception of the US as a military power abroad, but even more so at home.

American people now see the US as a loser in what concerns the military. It’s a foregone conclusion that the US army will lose. Nobody even fantasizes about a possible victory because that would be too daft. Before you deny it, please tell me why you are opposed (like I am, I’m completely opposed, too) to sending US troops into battle anywhere. Because you don’t want another Iraq and another Afghanistan, right? Because you expect the US to lose. I don’t blame you because I feel the same way.

Once again, I most whole-heartedly oppose sending US troops anywhere. I’m simply honest with myself about why I oppose it. And if the strongest army in the NATO will never engage with anybody militarily, there is no NATO.

The US government knows that the US army is never going to fight again. Hence the forced vaccination, hence the morale-sapping wokeness trainings, hence the sissification of the whole outfit. The army can’t serve its original purpose. So now it’s a pool of free subjects for large human experiments.

When Trump talked about abolishing the NATO, he simply proposed making an already existing fact official. It would be the honest thing to do. There are countries in Europe right now that sincerely believe US soldiers will come to defend them when Russia invades. I talked to a guy from Lithuania yesterday, and he believes this completely. But we all know it’s never going to happen. And I think it’s a good thing because I don’t want to feel humiliated by our loser army. Let’s let people know that we aren’t showing up, and it’s all good.

We don’t really need a standing army. Technology and geography make it unnecessary, so it’s not even a big deal.