Movie Notes: Beau Is Afraid

Every psychoanalyst in North America just had a 3-hour-long orgasm with this movie. It’s really, really good, folks, but don’t watch it if you want to have a good time or enjoy yourself.

This is a movie about unbearable affects. Every single one of them is up there on the screen. If you are trying to discover your own like we discussed a while ago, watch the film, and you’ll have a pretty full list. The end result is intense, extremely funny in a disturbing sort of way, and very disgusting.

Look at all the unbearable affects listed in the movie and remember that this is the kind of stuff that lives deep inside your mind. The next time you feel like berating yourself for being lazy, disorganized, ineffective, or anything else that’s imperfect consider that this is the kind of shit that assaults you daily from the inside and be happy that you are managing anything at all.

Very good movie.

Horror at the Movies

Work has been so peopley that I decided to go see a 3-hour horror movie. Sitting silently in the dark with nobody looking at me or expecting conversation sounds like a very attractive proposition.

However, the theater is so hellishly hot that I feel like the horror has started already.

Fake News from WashPo

It’s the end of the academic year, and I’m drowning in stuff but I want to make it known that the news story that Ukraine planned airstrikes on Moscow on the first anniversary of the war but the US forbade that is a complete fabrication. These lies were published in the WashPo, and I’m stunned that there are still people who believe this lying rag.

This is stupid Russian propaganda that idiots at WashPo keep falling for.