Path to Peace

Russians are so happy that their oligarchs were drone-attacked by mysterious forces that one almost wishes it hadn’t happened. Propagandists are begging them to stop celebrating because it’s a bad look.

It looks like if the US promised to catch every Russian oligarch and rape him with a broom in the Red Square, every Russian soldier would lay down the arms immediately.

Robin Hood Drones

A large drone attack in Moscow today targeted the area where rich people live:

I wonder if it’s time for another socialist revolution in Russia.

Get Your Wings

Kevin Williamson traveled to Kyiv and wrote about it:

The Russians are big on blowing up hospitals, because they are cruel and cowardly and wrong, with an almost comical commitment to practically melodramatic villainy—murdering and torturing and such, and kidnapping, according to rough estimate, almost one-tenth of the children in Ukraine, deporting them to Russia as part of their program of utterly obliterating every aspect of Ukrainian national identity. This isn’t the first Russification campaign in Russian history—the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union tried the same thing, with peoples ranging from the Ukrainians to the Finns to the Azeris. The Russian goals stay the same, but the techniques evolve.

It’s not possible to be a good person and not be for Ukraine.

It’s a long article but please read to the end.

I want to add this. Those who go to Ukraine or become connected in any way are changed forever. They get plugged into a source of energy and light up like Christmas trees. It’s not a pitiful, tragic place. It’s an energy portal. You suddenly become who you always wanted to be and stare at the mirror trying to figure out what’s happened.

We can’t understand why this burst of energy is being given to the world, why now, why there, and why in such a way. But it’s very real. It’s like a station was opened where you can go and get wings. Many people are missing it because they can’t lift their eyes from the ground, and I’m sad for them. But there’s nothing you can do for those who have opportunities thrown at them and they prefer not to notice.

Presidential Contest

We could have had this guy instead of the impotent, useless Obama:

We’d be living in a different world now. What a massive mistake. We let ourselves be duped by a speechifying fraud, and now look what happened.

People keep complaining about Trump but he created no disasters compared to Clinton, Bush II and Obama. He didn’t deliver on his promises but he didn’t ship our manufacturing overseas, turn China into a problem, start any wars, invade any countries, or let Russia start a war in Europe. Trump did nothing but tweet. Which isn’t optimal but a massive improvement on the preceding 3 fellas.

Biden is also very reactive but he’s controlling the nutso wing of his party a lot more effectively than Trump controls his. Last summer, the AOC faction wrote a petition to withdraw aid from Ukraine. Biden had them take it back within days, and they stayed on point since then. No riots, no public lunacy. Trump, on the other hand, has zero control over his loons.

I’m not partisan, folks. Political partisanship is a sign of an inferior intellect.

To resume: we’ve had a large improvement in the quality of our leadership since 2016. Both Trump and Biden turned out a lot better than anybody could have expected. Neither did much, but they didn’t spoil anything that wasn’t already broken. Biden now has a slight advantage because of the effectiveness of his control over the mentally unwell fringe of his party.

No Victims

I want to share this video of the residents of Kyiv celebrating the birthday of their city:

This is between two intense air raids. And you can see that the boys aren’t there. But nobody looks like a victim.

Of course, people who think disagreement is terrorism and thoughts are harmful will see this video as evidence that there’s no war going on.

A Room with a View

We have a new apartment building in town. There’s a pizza takeout on the first floor and condos on the upper three floors.

My friend went to check out the condos because they cost insane amounts of money for the area, and everybody is dying of curiosity why it would cost 3 times more to live in an apartment over a takeout than in a large house with a backyard and a garage.

The realtor showed her the condos and explained that the ones on the second floor go for $650,000. The slightly smaller ones on the fourth floor, however, cost $750,000.

“Why such a difference in price?” the friend croaked, overwhelmed by the numbers. You can get a perfectly good 2 bedrooms / one bath house for $150,000 in the area. Or for $22,000 if you are fine with a foreclosure. “Why is it $100,000 more two floors up?”

“Because of the view!” the realtor responded stiffly.

“What view?” asked the friend who grew up on a Mediterranean coast and expects the word to mean something.

“Well, you can see some trees from there,” said the realtor irritably.

The condos aren’t selling well which gives me faith in humanity.

Happy Birthday, Kyiv!

Today the city of Kyiv turned 1,541 years old. The city became Christian 1,035 years ago.

On its birthday today, the city successfully repealed the largest attack so far by Iran-made kamikaze drones. After which the residents, who had spent 5,5 hours at night in the bomb shelters, went out to celebrate into the city parks.

There’s no doubt that some pouty Western loser who doesn’t know the meaning of courage and resilience will see the footage of the celebrations and concoct yet another conspiracy theory about how it proves there’s no war because the only acceptable way to behave in wartime is the one approved by the pouty sheltered loser.

Patriots Win

“The United States thought for a long time, discussing whether to give us Patriots or not,” Ivan Kirichevskiy, an expert at the Ukrainian military news publication Defense Express, told Ukraine’s Radio NV, according to Newsweek.

“It turns out that our air defense forces with crash course training literally squeezed out of the Patriot a capability that the Pentagon did not think was possible.”

Oh yes, I remember even on this blog people telling me it doesn’t make sense to send the Patriots to Ukraine because it takes forever to learn to operate them.

It takes the Pentagon forever to learn because there’s no motivation there to do so.

The Kinzhals that Ukrainians learned to stop with the Patriots are the vehicle that Russians would have used to deliver their tactical nuclear strikes. This development dramatically cuts down the possibilities of the Russian nuclear blackmail. And the 3 leading scientists in Russia who developed the Kinzhals have been jailed for high treason because Russians trusted the Pentagon and believed that the Kinzhals were indeed unstoppable.

I bet that the pussies who keep whining about “World War 3” haven’t mentioned any of this.