A Stray Tree

See this tree on the left that forms a sort of canopy over the walkway? It grew completely naturally. N trimmed the top so that it wouldn’t obscure the flag but everything else happened by itself.

We used to have a small bush there that got eaten by bugs while we were on vacation. We removed the sad, blackened stump, and started debating what to plant in this spot. I proposed a big, wild specimen. N wanted a small, neat plant. While the discussion continued, this tree grew, and now I adore it. I particularly like that it’s a weed.

If anybody knows the name of this plant, please let me know.

Twitter Freedom

But hey, it’s not only Russia that keeps going in the same direction:

Nothing Learned

Within an hour today, Russians lost two fighter jets and two helicopters that were accompanying them.

Prigozhin is saying he’s having to waste too much ammunition shooting at the regular Russian troops that are trying to escape from Bakhmut.

Moscow has been on fire for days. Today, it’s a hotel that’s burning. (Owners burn them on purpose because the economy is bad and they can’t pay the mortgages and the maintenance).

Immediately, Russians started asking on social media, “Are Ukrainians a superior race? Were we wrong and they are racially superior? Ukrainians, come save us from the Tajiks and the Chechens!”

They will never learn.