The Power of the Tyu

Yes, the tyu is everything. N has been trying to pronounce it for 15 years, and failing every time. I use it about 600 times a day, always with a different intonation and a different shade of meaning.

What Do the Russian Guerrillas Want?

So what do the Russian nationalist guerrillas want? What are they fighting for?

They want a Russian nation-state. They want to stop Putin’s population replacement that’s been going on for 20+ years. They want their ethnic group to remain in existence and have its own state. These are obviously hard-right dudes.

Their goal is to let go of the non-Russian subjects of the Russian Federation. Not kill them or anything but simply to dissolve the Federation and reserve the name “Russia” for the majority-Russian area. The Kalmyks, the Buryats, the Adygeans, the Chechens, the Chuvash, the Mordvins, and so on can have their own countries.

You will soon start hearing that this idea was invented by the CIA but that’s not true. It has existed for a very long time on the Russian right. Russian nationalists have been dying for it for decades.

Footage Wars

The (bad, official) Russians have provided footage of what they claim are the dead bodies of the guerrillas they claim to have killed. The bodies look at least 72 hours old, which is strange, given that the guerrilla operation started yesterday.

The (good, guerrilla) Russians, on the other hand, are providing fresh footage that is geolocated as being filmed in the Belgorod Region. Geolocation shows that they have advanced about 40 km into their native country of Russia.

Good Doggie

And here are the Chinese, being subservient again:

Why do they need to be subservient to the pathetic, weak Russia?

Because it’s the kind of activity that is its own reward.

Oh, the sweet joys of being a good, good doggie.