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>Texas Is Nuts


Whenever I read any news from Texas, it feels like I’ve come in touch with an alternative reality. A really scary alternative reality. The lawmakers in this state have gone completely off the deep end mentally and are now seriously discussing whether to allow schoolteachers to beat students without asking the kids’ parents for consent:

Texas lawmakers voted against parental approval for corporal punishment Wednesday, allowing schools to spank students with or without parents’ say. Rep. Alma Allen, D-Houston, said she personally doesn’t believe in corporal punishment and noted that it’s no longer practiced in the state’s largest school districts, but said she wasn’t trying to end the practice. “This is a parental rights bill,” Allen said. “I do not like corporal punishment, but this bill does not abolish it.” An amendment from Todd Smith, R-Euless, would have allowed parents to give approval just once instead of requiring contact every time their children act up. Conservatives, however, rallied against giving parents the final say over educators.

The entire situation is so insane that one is wondering whether this is a report from a mental health clinic. A bunch of politicians got together to work out rules of how to abuse little children physically. And nobody is even trying to suggest that beating people is not OK. That anybody who assaults another human being belongs in jail. That nobody can possibly have the right to consent or not consent to another person being assaulted. 
I truly hope that every parent, teacher or politician who has ever hit a child will live to see this child grow up and beat them up in return. I, for one, would definitely consent to such people getting a beating.

>Texas Governor Pushes for Online Learning to Save Money


The push to force colleges to deliver online courses to 1000-student classrooms and kill the classroom learning format altogether continues:

Governor Rick Perry wants public colleges and universities in Texas to develop bachelor’s degrees that would cost students only $10,000 in total, including the cost of textbooks, KXAN News reported. Perry, a Republican, didn’t offer details on how colleges could do this, and some Democrats are questioning the realism of the idea, given that $10,000 would be a small fraction of costs today (which vary among institutions). In the State of the State address in which he issued the call, Perry said that online education and “innovative teaching techniques” could make the degrees possible.

Perry isn’t interested in helping to make college degrees cheaper for students to get. He wants to destroy the system of higher education in other to hand out worthless e-diplomas to underprepared students who have hardly seen the inside of a classroom and whose only skill is answering stupid multiple choice questions on-line and copy-paste useless information from Wikipedia. 
Texas is well-known for being somewhat of a joke intellectually. The number of hilarious stories coming out of that state is probably higher than any other state in the union. Texas Republicans militate to outlaw oral and anal sex and promote the idea that beating children is not child abuse but a legitimate and fun activity. Texas has gone so far in its anti-intellectual policies that it even offered . . . online beginners courses in Spanish. As for the kind of research that comes out of this state, it’s of such low quality that only the Dr. Phil audience might find it interesting.
I remember interviewing for a Texas university that’s considered to be quite prestigious for that state. When I heard how many courses they expected a professor to teach per semester, I started laughing right there at the interview. I honestly though they were joking. Professorial salaries were pathetic and job benefits non-existent. While Texas tries to find a recipe for transforming crap into sour-cream, as we say in my culture, it becomes more and more improbable that intellectual life in that state can be rescued.

>Texas Republicans Enjoy Beating Children

>These are direct quotes from the political platform of the Texas Republicans:

  • “[We] oppose actions of social agencies to classify traditional methods of discipline (corporal punishment) as child abuse.”
  • “We support eliminating bureaucratic prohibitions on corporal discipline [in foster homes].
  • “We urge the Legislature […] to remind administrators and school boards that corporal punishment is effective and legal in Texas.
Need I say more?

In case you do need to hear more about this platform, here is a really good post with some great quotes. After you peruse the quotes from the platform (or the entire platform, if you want to spoil your mood for the rest of the week), ask yourself how can we claim that we live in a civilized country, if one of its only two major parties promotes such antediluvian beliefs.

>Texas GOP Against Oral and Anal Sex

>People tell me I shouldn’t make fun of Texas as much as I do but, come on, I just can’t help it after this kind of news:

The Texas GOP platform . . .  would it make it a felony to perform same sex marriage (because “homosexuality tears at the fabric of society”), it would also ban oral and anal sex (because it tears at the…oh nevermind, too easy), and outlaw strip clubs and porn.

Some more gems from the platform:

Making make American English the official language of Texas and the United States.Passing legislation requiring a sonogram for each pregnant woman seeking an abortion.
Opposing legislation allowing stem cell research involving the creation of killing of human embryos for medical research.

 We obviously don’t have any serious problems in this country if a major political party wants to waste its time and resources preventing people from having sex or doing anything sex-related. If anybody doesn’t believe that the Texas GOP is a bunch of sexually repressed losers who hate the world because they have been so sexually deprived that they can’t master any emotion other than hatred, please tell me how you can maintain that strange conviction in the face of such obvious facts.

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