A student comes up to me and says, “I’m sorry, I’m Greek, which means I need you to fill out a form saying how many absences I’ve had.”

“Oh my God,” I think. “This is horrible. I had no idea that Greek students were discriminated against on our campus!”

“Are you sure about this?” I ask the student, preparing to unleash my fury on the haters of Greece at our university.

“Yes,” he says and hands me a paper that bears the name of his fraternity.



One’s capacity to live without fear and expectation of fear has nothing to do with the economy and everything to do with individual psychology. This professor should refresh his knowledge of Freud.

Even a very dramatic improvement of the economy will do nothing to reduce his unhealthy anxiety.

A Special Prize for Anybody. . .

. . . who gives me a link to the place where WordPress is promoting my blog. I see on my Statistics page that it’s been sending crowds of people to my blog since yesterday. I also got comments from spammers telling me WordPress has been promoting me.

So if you chance upon the place where I’m being promoted by WordPress or if you came here through that mysterious promotional mechanism, please let me know. I’m dying of curiosity here.

Young Lady

An older gentleman just gave me this book as a gift in front of the Student Center.

He called me “young lady”, so couldn’t resist accepting it. It was more the “lady” than “young” that did it for me.

And the funniest thing is that I opened it at random and immediately alighted on my most favorite passage that I often recite to myself. Especially on my way to work. It sounds a lot better in Russian, though.

Happy Teaching Experience

My students made me very happy today. For one, they had quite a bit of knowledge about World War I, which was very refreshing.

And then, a student asked me if I could give a few names of Modernist writers who wrote in English. I love questions that allow me to go off on my favorite tangents.

During the entire lecture, students were staring at me with those huge eyes that were starved for knowledge. At least, most of them were. They were just imbibing everything I said with incredible eagerness to learn more. Believe me, after 21 years of teaching, I can really tell when they stare vacantly and when they stare with interest.

Of course, you have to be dead not to wake up when I lecture about Modernism. I’m seriously passionate about the subject. Next week, we will talk about the Mexican revolution, and I know I won’t be able to muster the same level of enthusiasm for it.

Oh, I love my students.

Armed Robbery Update

So I just read an update on the armed robber I talked about in the previous post.

First, I underestimated our students. The victim was carrying $200 in cash. This is kind of surprising to me because I don’t even remember when I last saw $200 in cash. And not because I don’t have money but simply because I have no idea what to do with all this cash. Especially on campus at night. Weird.

Another piece of news is that the criminal was apprehended by the police. Probably, he did stick around waiting for the bus.

This is a very strange little town we have here.