Who Booed the Queen?

Is the following part of the attempt to smear Quebecois student protesters?

QUEBEC CITY (UPI) — Queen Elizabeth was booed by student hecklers Saturday as she began her controversial two-day visit to this bastion of French Canada. The booing was heard at least twice as the royal motorcade pulled up in front of the Provincial Legislature. It was the first real incident of the royal visit.

Some 50 policemen — part of the most extensive security force in Canadian history — moved in swiftly to disperse the hecklers. Some minor scuffling took place, but police succeeded in herding the demonstrators away from the main entrance to the Legislature. Four or five of the hecklers, including Reggie Chartrand, a former Montreal boxer and well-known separatist leader, were taken into custody by members of the special riot squad.

It’s the “student hecklers” part that bothers me. Will now every jerkwad in Quebec be referred to as a “student”? Surely, no student in Quebec is silly enough to think that the Queen is causing any of the province’s problems.

10 thoughts on “Who Booed the Queen?

    1. Come on, we are supposed to help old ladies across the street. Or across the ocean, in this case. 🙂 🙂

      Besides, if the taxpayers’ money doesn’t go to the Queen, it will go to enrich Harper and his cronies. And the Queen is much cuter. And more progressive, too. I heard her most recent speech in parliament and it was good.


  1. There were a few anti monarchist protesters out here over the Jubilee weekend – absolute max 100 all together. It was moderately hilarious to see them in their little huddle with their placards behind the anti crowd barriers and the ring of police protection, to ensure that the million or so people on the streets actually celebrating didn’t harass them. Pretty sure they mostly weren’t students though. Doesn’t sound, from the actual information in the article, as though the Canadian protesters were either.

    I was also amused by this: “Some 50 policemen — part of the most extensive security force in Canadian history…” Gee… that’s a lot of police. Snerk.

    I believe, and I’m willing to be corrected on this, that we actually pay for the costs of the Queen’s travel. Pretty sure the host country covers the cost of any events staged and security though.


    1. “I was also amused by this: “Some 50 policemen — part of the most extensive security force in Canadian history…” Gee… that’s a lot of police. Snerk.”

      – Welcome to Canada. 🙂

      So did you celebrate the Jubilee?


  2. Sort of? Like a lot of people, the four day weekend was a good time for a family/friends get-together, and so we kind of garden-partied, ate red white & blue macarons (made by yours truly), drank prosecco in her HM’s honour and watched the highlights on tv when it was raining. Which, to be honest meant we ended up seeing quite a lot of it, because hey, the UK and Bank Holidays – it was always going to rain! 😀

    I’m not, and nor are my family, an ardent monarchist, but it’s an occasion worth celebrating – the stability inherent in a big anniversary is something very appealing to the national psyche I think. And the Queen herself as a personality is very popular.


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