My Big Ole Jew

Do you know about these websites that analyze your DNA and give you a genetical profile? N. was offered to do this kind of genetic testing at work for free and he agreed.

So what do you think the testing revealed? What I suspected from the start: he has Jewish ancestry. This will show some anti-Semitic relatives how stupid they are and how their deeply cherished hatreds can be rendered even more ridiculous through scientific advances.

Of course, we are both very happy. I always knew I’d end up marrying a good Jewish boy one day. I’ve been telling N. for years that I was convinced he was partly Jewish, and now I’m proven right.

Strep Throat

When you get an older student in your classroom, somebody who is older than you are and has teenage children, you expect some level of maturity and responsibility. At least, I expected it. Boy, was I wrong. I just got an email from such a student who didn’t come to the mini-quiz because she had something she thought was “strep throat” but then it turned out not to be strep throat.

What is this “strep throat” deal? Is this what people used to call a sore throat? And is this disease so crushing that it prevents students from showing up for a 15-minute-long mini-quiz?

I’m annoyed because now I will have to create another version of the mini-quiz specifically or this streppy student and I have enough things to do as it is. And this is far from being the only instance when this immature mature student has aggravated me. Adults are annoying and are a lot more irresponsible than us, kids.

Are You Comfortable Paying Somebody to Scrub Your Toilet?

I got a promotional letter from a magazine that asks the following question:

Sure, you got better things to do than scrub your own toilet. But are you really comfortable paying someone else to do it?

My answer is yes, absolutely. Just like I’m really comfortable to pay people to clean my teeth, administer gynecological and rectal exams to me, make my shoes, slaughter chicken and cows for me, assemble my computers, and provide any other professional services. There is nothing humiliating or wrong in performing any of these jobs, including cleaning services.

Right now I don’t hire a cleaning person because I have a husband. But if he consented (which he doesn’t for reasons of his own), I would happily do it.

Guess which stupid magazine is not getting my subscription.