To Sleep or Not to Sleep?

All day at this resort I feel painfully, tragically sleepy. Until, that is, the moment I lie down in bed and close my eyes. Then I become the most alert idiot for miles and miles around.

The Trench Grift

Now for the canard that the Russians couldn’t have blown up the dam because the flood washed off the trenches they had been digging. This, again, shows a complete misunderstanding of how things work in Russia.

The Russians weren’t building those trenches because they anticipated an infantry attack of Ukrainians from a high bank to a low bank. Nobody in the situation is insane. Ukrainians aren’t insane to attack there and Russians are not insane to expect it.

So why were the trenches built? There are miles and miles of them, going on into the infinity. What was the purpose?

The purpose is the usual. Stealing money. Somebody got a huge contract to fortify, stole 95% of the money, and built something substandard and unusable with the rest. Will that person be upset if the evidenbce of his machinations is washed away? Yes, I’m sure he’ll be heartbroken.

All around Moscow you can see flowerbeds that have cost anywhere up to half a million dollars to install. How can a flower bed cost that much? It’s the same principle as those trenches. Somebody gets an enormous contract for city beautification, steals everything, puts in two flowerbeds, and reports that they cost half a mil each. Anybody likely to ask questions gets a cut of the loot.

The Unteachable

People are discussing what military goals Russia was trying to achieve by blowing up the Kahovka dam. These are people who are incapable of absorbing information.

Russia pursues the goals of genocide and destruction in Ukraine. Blowing up the dam isn’t a way to achieve a goal. It is the goal. All of the suffering people, drowning animals, destroyed buildings are the goal.

It’s a dynamic that people in abusive relationship have with the abuser. “But why? Why is he doing it?” they keep moaning sadly. Because he likes hurting you, you simpleton. The process is the reward. There’s no ulterior, hidden goal. Everything is out in the open.

I’ve been saying this for years: Russia is in a civilizational dead-end. There’s nowhere to go, no productive goals, no plans. It’s angry as hell at the whole world for not caring. The people of Russia are in a narcissistic rage. They want the world to suffer. The suffering of others feeds them. You should have seen their collective glee when that train derailed in Ohio or when the forests burned in California. They can’t do anything to create disaster zones in the US so they create them in Ukraine. But make no mistake, if they had the slightest opportunity to create this kind of destruction in America, they’d cut their own children’s throats to be able to do it.

For the Kids

Yes, it’s all about the kids on both sides. The kids are deriving an enormous benefit from whatever is happening here.

The simpletons who believe in alien UFOs look downright sane next to these maniacs.


The entire Nova Kahovka zoo died:

I’m still not hearing a peep out of the “climate protesters” and “green new dealers.” The largest man-made ecological disaster since Chernobyl happened today, yet no climate strike has been announced in response.

As my 7-year-old would say, “it’s so hippo-critical!”

Two Approaches

Some of the areas flooded because of the Nova Kahovka dam destruction are held by Ukraine. Others are held by Russia. The areas controlled by Ukraine evacuated quickly and efficiently. There have been no casualties.

In the areas controlled by Russia, residents are forcibly prevented from evacuating. The Russian occupation authorities are denying that anything happened. They insist that the dam is perfectly fine and there is no flooding.

There are currently hundreds of civilians on the rooftops, trying not to drown. The Russian occupiers have confiscated all the boats, preventing people from trying to leave. Many people might not survive the night as a result.

The world keeps watching as it watched every preceding Russian atrocity.

The Dam Trajectory

Back in early October of 2022 was when Russians started bragging about blowing up the dam. Recently, they’ve been publishing calculations about water supplies in the Crimea being enough to last for 2 years if the dam gets blown up. Now they are folding like a house of cards in fear of the Ukrainian counteroffensive, so time has come for them to make good on the threats and destroy the dam.

Not Much of a Mystery

Yes, it’s an absolute mystery who blew up the dam. How will we ever find out?