Annoying Argument

The prolife argument I really hate is the obnoxious, “I was born before Roe, would you prefer for me to not exist? Should I have been aborted? Should Beethoven have been aborted? Do you know any person that you would prefer to be aborted? DO YOU WANT ME TO DIE??”


Orthodox Joke

In other news, I learned my first Orthodox joke:

“How many Orthodox does it take to change a lightbulb?”


Now I’m really ready to get baptized.

The next milestone is to start getting knock-knock jokes.


70% of people feel actively disengaged from their jobs. And in the majority of cases, the reason isn’t compensation or benefits. It’s their immediate boss. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the boss is cruel or abusive (although obviously that happens, too). It very often means that the boss has zero understanding of leadership and / or doesn’t know how to engage each particular employee.

To point out the painfully obvious, I’m talking about employees who are sought out and valued in this strongly job seeker’s labor environment. Companies try to improve “company culture,” put up candy machines or ping pong tables in the offices, but as great as ping pong and free candy are, nobody stays for them. People stay for people and leave because of people. Even the most curmudgeonly, misanthropic folks have something they want, and it’s their boss’s job to find out what that is and provide it.

The Smart Ones

Only 22% of Democrats registered to vote say they know a lot about the candidates’ positions, while 62% say they know a little. And only 35% say they’re paying close attention to the campaign, with almost two-thirds saying they’re paying some or no attention.

I’ve decided to be with the smart ones and plug out of entertainment politics, at least for today.

Instead, I’m going to read a book in a bathtub and apply every beauty product in existence. If anything other than vapid posturing happens, let me know. Otherwise, I have a lunch of fish kotlety expecting me.

DR Deaths

N and I stopped going to the Dominican Republic on vacation after we both got the worst poisoning of our lives. It definitely wasn’t alcohol. I was trying to get pregnant, so neither of us touched liquor.

It had to be the water. We were extremely careful, ran away from every stray ice cube, brushed our teeth with bottled water that we sterilized right out of the bottle. But you still can’t avoid it. In the shower, for instance, a few drops are bound to get through the clenched teeth.

It was really bad. So as amazing as the DR resorts were, we’ve never been back. And I’m really glad.