Book Notes: Jane Eyre

So. Jane Eyre. What a masterpiece. I have no idea how it was possible to write something like this without Microsoft Word. You’ve got to be able to go back and forth to make everything connected like Brontë did. Amazing talent.

Now, who’s with me in that Mrs Rochester wasn’t crazy? Nothing she does qualifies as crazy. She never harms anybody who didn’t harm her. She tries to kill the husband who locked her up and the brother who let it happen but she never does anything to Adele, Sophie, or Mrs Fairfax. When she comes into Jane’s bedroom, does she try to hurt her in any way? Nope. She breaks the wedding veil, sending a clear message about what she thinks of marriage. If she were such a raving lunatic as we are supposed to believe, how would she control her craziness so well around Jane? How come she didn’t trash the room or break anything other than the very meaningful veil?

Rochester said himself that Bertha had stretches of lucidity that lasted for weeks. Imagine being completely normal and lucid and being shut up in a small room with no company and nothing to do. Imagine not being completely normal and being locked up. For 10 years! This is torture. Even a true schizophrenic doesn’t deserve never to be outside or to get a breath of fresh air. Only a very robust psyche could bear all that and still make the moral distinction between the people deserving her rage and people who were innocent. If a guy did that to you, wouldn’t you try to shred him to pieces every time you saw him? She’d be insane if she had no rage against her husband.

The only reason to think that Mrs Rochester is crazy is that she looks insane. But how would you look after being locked in a small room without ever being outside for a decade?

Mr Rochester’s story can be disregarded completely because the guy spends the whole novel running hoaxes on people. He’s pathologically dishonest and lies even when it’s utterly unnecessary.

The novel is so good that it gave rise to the only good prequel I have ever encountered, Wild Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys. Her Bertha Mason does, indeed, go crazy but it’s a worthwhile novel.

Sudden Realization

Somebody at the meeting today said despondently, “You know what I just realized? Our next Freshman class will consist of students who haven’t been in school for 1,5 years. They skipped a grade and a half. How are we supposed to teach them? They won’t know anything! And they’ll have all sorts of mental issues!”

I yawned and muted my screen. It’s going to be painful to see people slooooooowly figure out what they have done to themselves.

Another Fake Story

Another completely fake story is that a woman called Lauren Wolfe was fired by the NYTimes because “right-wing mobs” didn’t like her pro-Biden tweet. The whole thing is ludicrous. NYTimes is completely pro-Biden. There are no right-wing mobs. Nobody cares about this woman and her tweets.

But you should see the wave of outrage from the idiot leftists. “We knew we’d be next! Cancel culture was always about destroying the left!” As if the left itself didn’t invent and deploy cancel culture.

Finally, Lauren Wolfe clarified that she never had a written contract with NYTimes and she has no knowledge of any “right-wing mobs” pressuring the newspaper. Not that anybody noticed the clarification and realized they had made gigantic fools out of themselves. Some people even donated money to this “victim of right-wingers.”

What I don’t get is how anybody can be dumb enough to believe such a clearly ridiculous story.

It’s Not for Me

What bothers me about these people who yell and scream at me, calling me all sorts of names, for saying “schools need to reopen, lockdowns need to end, etc)” is that they don’t get that I’m not doing it for myself. My kid is in real school. I already enrolled her in private school for kindergarten. I’m sitting pretty here. I invested so much money into my mental health that I’m not experiencing any lockdowns.

It’s them I worry about. It’s their kids who are lying in bed with a phone all day. It’s their mental health that is cracking in lockdown.

These poor pampered fools who never knew any hardship. They are dismantling their lives for nothing and then squeal in terror when they see the result.

Adverse Effects

In other news, yet another woman miscarried after getting the COVID vaccine. This time, the miscarriage was at 22 weeks. The woman was of fertile age, so not at risk from COVID.

The CDC advises “pregnant people” not to seek input from a doctor before getting the vaccine.

This case, and all the others, are searchable in VAERS.

The Campus Situation

Please share how things are on your campus. Is it busier than it was in the Fall?

I ask because my campus looks a lot worse today than it did in the Fall semester. It’s significantly emptier. No visitors at the lab. All the classrooms stand empty. No line at Starbucks or Chick-Fil-A, and those always attract crowds. Things were much livelier in the Fall.

Given that nobody is planning to come back in the summer or next Fall either, I’m getting worried. There’s no improvement at all, just the opposite.

Is your campus improving?

Benefits of COVID

Before COVID, I’d walk into a classroom, and there’d be complete silence. Students would stare at their devices.

Now I can hear them from all the way in the staircase. They are talking! Laughing! Communicating!

They finally got enough of the stupid devices and realized that human contact is precious. And it can go away at any time.