Costs Too Much

N was curious about what the chief Russian propagandist and a major TV star Solovyov was saying in his most recent shows about Russia’s war against Ukraine. He watched a bunch of shows and was very surprised to see that Ukraine was mentioned infrequently and with very little feeling. The main target of Solovyov’s vitriol was Western Europe and the US.

This is not new. By the end of the 1990s the anti-US propaganda in Russia was enormously stronger than during the Soviet era. In the Soviet era, almost nobody believed it. In late 1990s, people started to believe. After 30 years of hearing truly horrid things about us on a daily basis, it’s not surprising that Russians hate us with an all-abiding passion.

This is why, to people who complain that supporting Ukraine costs the US too much money, I always respond that it will be more expensive when Russia nukes New York. It would have cost cheaper to prevent that if Obama did what Biden is doing today back in 2014. Every year you let pass without doing anything about this tumor that Russia has become, the deadlier it gets. We can pout and “yeahbut” it to death but reality can’t be argued away.

Big Bang in Question

A very interesting article on whether the Big Bang really happened. Unfortunately, the author spoils it with utterly misplaced accusations of “censorship,” but those parts of the article can be safely skipped.

Unfortunately, it’s now fashionable to scream “injustice, persecution, bigotry, cancel culture, and censorship” whenever one doesn’t get the desired results instantly. Censorship and cancel culture exist but it’s counterproductive to claim “I’m being censored and persecuted” when the only reality is that you failed to do your work.

Whatever Works

People thought I was a weirdo for dressing up to the nines to sit alone in my office, writing a boring report.

The shoes match, too

But it worked! I’m finishing the report today even though I was sure it was impossible to get it done before Friday next week, at best.

It’s a 60-page report that I’ve done in exactly two days of work. Obviously, I didn’t write every word if it. Parts are taken (as they are supposed to be) from existing documents. But I did all the calculations of how well we live up to gender and race quotas myself! That’s back-breaking words because the numbers we get come in unreadable .pdfs with tiny fonts.

Strange People

On home design TV shows, people keep saying that they need this and that space “to entertain.” It’s a constant, “yeah, but where will we entertain? Is this enough space to entertain? We really love to entertain.”

I wonder, do people really do all that entertaining and, most importantly, what possesses them to engage in such an activity?

Please don’t get me wrong, I stoically bear every opportunity for sociability that comes my way. I took Klara to a birthday party last Saturday and bravely socialized with people there. I still haven’t completely recovered from the effort but I know I will eventually. But to actually modify your house in order to facilitate people coming at you – or to you, whatever – this is beyond my comprehension.

War Update

Tonight in my native city of Kharkiv a residential building was targeted by a Russian bomb:

Six are dead. Unfortunately, as we now know, 12 people died in the attack. Sixteen wounded. Earlier yesterday Russians targeted a residential facility in Kharkiv that houses deaf and hard-of-hearing people. They don’t hear the air-raid sirens well, so didn’t seek immediate shelter.

Russians aren’t achieving anything on the battlefield, so they become a lot more brutal against civilians.

In Common

There are many differences between presidential administrations, some of them gigantic. But on one issue every president starting with Reagan was (and is) doggedly the same. That issue is, of course, an open-border policy for limitless low-skilled mass migration. Rhetoric changes but reality remains.

Before mentioning Trump, please be ready to explain how all those hundreds of thousands of migrants that crossed the border this year managed to get through that big beautiful wall he built.

Oh, he didn’t build one?

That’s my point exactly. Rhetoric changes but policy doesn’t.

Cosmetic Differences

Not only were Bush Jr and Obama identical on foreign policy (hawkish but inept, devastating the Middle East with poorly thought-out invasions, slobbering and subservient towards Russia, and pro-open borders, which destroys Central America and strengthens cartels), they were the same on the economy. Neoliberal, pro-austerity, pro-China, anti-domestic labor.

The guys could have practically been twins. The differences between them were completely cosmetic but only the people who are immune to partisanship could notice it.

Time to Learn

Makes me think of the US and Canadian colleagues who wailed “I don’t want to die!!!” in 2020-22 as an excuse to not return to the classroom in person. In Ukraine, it’s not fashionable to do that. It’s fashionable to do the opposite. And it doesn’t change if a Ukrainian moves elsewhere. This is why I was in the classroom from the day the university was unlocked on July 1, 2020.

I just honestly can’t imagine a Ukrainian seriously saying “I feel unsafe” over something somebody said or an opinion somebody expressed. Ukraine is in vogue, so let’s put that to good use, retire the word “unsafe,” get rid of performative fragility, grow a backbone, and join the world of resilient, strong people instead of weak, scared snowflakes.