Thanksgiving Plan

My Thanksgiving plan is to cook chicken thighs in the suite, pretend they are turkey, and then go swim in an outdoors pool after sunset because it’s lit with colorful lights.

We have “tier three mitigation,” whatever that means, waiting for us back in Illinois, so we need to milk this vacation for everything it’s got.

More on Shrier

Just so people understand, this is why I think Shrier’s book is useless:

It’s an absolute joke to talk about a loving relationship when there’s such a breakdown in communication between parents and the child that they are somehow completely unaware of this.

And yes, these measures are horrid. The idea of “trans kids” is ludicrous. Absolutely. But you don’t solve this problem by pandering to the very people who effed up these kids in the first place.

International Resort

Western Europeans aren’t at the resort this time. We usually get crowds of Germans, Danes, and Swedes here but this time there are none. No Hispanics either. But Eastern Europeans are out in full force. I feel like I’m in Poland or the Czech Republic. Everybody looks like me and speaks an Eastern European language. Zero Russian speakers but we never met any here before either. Russian speakers go to Miami.

Academia Is Infantilizing

My sister went back to school this year. She’s pursuing a graduate degree in business administration. Of course, she already created a multimillion business, so academia bullshit doesn’t impress her.

(Why she needs a degree? Because that’s how we are. We spend our lives getting educated. It’s a family thing, and, in larger terms, a Jewish thing. We can’t pass by a door with a plaque saying “get more education here” for love or money. It has magnetic attraction to us.)

This week my sister has been suspended. The reason is that she didn’t do the obligatory training on sexual harassment. What she didn’t know is that these trainings are extraordinarily infantilizing. You’d be ashamed to offer that kind of thing to a bright 14-year-old, let alone to the evening school adults.

“I can’t believe this!” my sister kept saying. “I’m a grown woman. I have children. I make a good living. I get invited to speak all over the world. And here I am, answering ridiculous questions about how putting your hand on a person’s thigh during kissing is sexual violation. What is this?”

Marketing Ploy for Bad Books

This ridiculous story about “tearful staff” protesting against Jordan Petersen’s new book is excellent publicity for his indigestible volume. People who are saying that the “crying employees” should be fired are dupes. They should be given raises. The publishing house has won the lottery with these (probably completely real and sincerely crying) workers. Now everybody knows about the new book and will buy it to spite the criers.

It’s exactly the same thing that happened with Abigail Shrier’s deeply stupid little book about transgenderism. Target pretended to censor it for a few minutes, and gullible folks bought enough copies to make it a bestseller.

It’s so easy to exploit feelings of partisanship and self-righteous grievance. Press a button, and people whip out their wallets.

Yes, yes, censorship is bad. But that doesn’t make these books readable.

They Are After Me

So I’ve got hair, right? Everyone has seen my hair. I’ve got oodles and oodles of hair. I need to keep the hair under control but it’s a rare hair clip, hair band or hair controlling device that can dominate my crazy Jewfro.

There’s a store in Naples, Florida where I go every year to stock up on gigantic, industrial-strength yet extremely pretty, rhinestone-covered hair gear. I wear it out in a year and the cycle continues.

So I come to the store today and what do I find? They have pivoted away from hair gear and towards face diapers for covidiots. Masses and masses of masks. Rhinestones, sparklies, unicorns, saccharine designs of such vulgarity that my artistically gifted child almost threw up.

Even this little yearly ritual was stolen from me by the COVID-whisperers.

Soviet Americans

This is so Soviet that I have to post it:

Lining up in the rain for something they don’t need! See! Americans do it, too!

What a relief. We aren’t the only dumb idiots to do something like this. I’ve always felt great shame over my people being drawn to these lines but now I see that Americans are just as bad.

Multi-Generational Fun

There’s a family here at the resort, vacationing with a very ancient grandma. The grandma is so old, she needs two family members to help her walk. She wears a mask everywhere, which makes a lot of sense given her age. The rest of the family doesn’t.

It’s so good to see several generations together, and the oldest family member not excluded from the festivities.