On the Slope

It is mind-boggling that serious news outlets would dedicate a story to the horrible scandal of a teenager using the word “queer” in a tweet six years ago:

When Murray was 15 years old, he tweeted at his friends (via his since-verified Twitter account) using an anti-gay slur to defame them. Four offensive tweets remained active on his account late Saturday night but were eventually deleted by Sunday morning — when Murray apologized for his insensitive language in a tweet.

Who was it that told me this summer that nobody would think of using gauche teenage writings against people who aren’t trying to get hired for serious governmental positions? This kind isn’t trying to work for the government. He simply played a good game of football.

No, slippery slope is not real. No, it will never happen to anybody else. (And when it will, they will totally deserve it, the bastards.)

I was right the whole time.



Klara is a very cautious child.

“Mommy, if I go on this play bus, will it move? Will it move fast? Will it make noises? Will they be loud? Will the lights flash? How long will they flash for? Will you be able to make them stop if I don’t like them?”

We dithered by the bus for so long that a very modestly dressed young African American dad with a toddler took pity on me and offered me two quarters for the bus. He thought that we were skulking around the bus because we had no money to go on.

Books I Love

By huge popular demand: people! What are your favorite books?

The favorite books I don’t think I mentioned on this blog are:

La Regenta by Leopoldo Alas. 19th century, exists in the English translation, like Madame Bovary (sorry, professor, I don’t really mean it, I’m just popularizing) but a lot lot better.

Time of Silence by Luis Martín-Santos. Also available in English. The great novel of the Franco era.

The Glass Bead Game by Hermann Hesse, nerds of the world, unite!

– and for something lighter, Guilt by John Lescroart who writes very solid courtroom dramas. This is his best one.

Honour Thy Father by Leslie Glaister for those who like psychoanalytic Gothic. OK, forget it, it’s just fun to read. Very engrossing. I read it a quarter of a century ago and still can’t get over it. That’s saying something. Maybe I should reread it.

Which are your favorites? But don’t give me the obvious ones. I want to be surprised.


As I’m going over the old RSS feed (or a blogroll, as it’s more commonly called), I’m remembering the times where all these 1,300+ blogs were alive. 90% died since then. Many of them were bullied out of existence. Many more were eaten by Facebook (which is pretty much the same thing. There is no controversy inside an echo chamber.)


OK, so I’m over the death of stupid Feedly. I have uploaded a new app created by some Russian fellow (they’ve got to know how to write code, at least, right?).

I’m using this as an opportunity to dump all of the feeds I’m tired of (all 1,348 of them. No, really. That’s the actual number) and only add the ones I like. I’m currently left with Mike, Z, Prosedoctor, Cliff, Kenan Malik, Ars Technica, and American Conservative. But I just started 3 minutes ago.

P.S. And https://xykademiqz.com !!

#Feedly Update Is Horrible

I have no idea why every single good thing that exists online is destroyed beyond recognition within a couple of years. It’s a mystery that I haven’t been able to solve.

For several years, I’ve used Feedly as my news aggregator. And everything was fine. Then yesterday, they updated the app, and it’s horrible. It lost all functionality. You can’t access links without visiting each individual website. Everything jumps around ridiculously. The fonts stink. Everything you want to do takes five steps where it used to take one. And the worst part: there is no search function. That’s it, it’s gone.

This is unbelievable crap. I use this app a dozen times a day. And now it’s unusable. I hate this.

Fuck you, #feedly. I’m putting a hashtag in hopes that the company’s PR department notices this on Twitter.