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Ukrainian Head Dresses

And this is how Ukrainian women do head dresses. Forget the text and look at the photos. Cool, eh? 

It’s Easy to Fall Behind 

The reviewers mentioned some scholarly books that I never even heard of. I looked them up, and it turns out they’ve been published since Klara was born and I missed them because I wasn’t doing any active research. 

This is how easy it is to fall behind in scholarship. And writing is only easy and abundant if you are reading steadily and constantly on the subject. 

Brilliant Trolling

I think the next step for Trump will be to say that he proposes “a total and complete shutdown on anybody but Muslims coming into the country.” 

And after that it will be, “Hey, open borders are a great idea.” 

And then the whole merry-go-round will start all over again. 

I don’t think he means to troll (or to do anything) but the result is the best trolling ever. I’m hearing Ann Coulter’s new book has already bombed as a result. 


And by the way, I already have an idea for book #3. Please prepare to be bugged by something other than fluidity. 


So do you know how people have an Acknowledgments section in academic books? Where they thank those who talked to them, and argued, and objected, and pointed out inconsistencies in their argument? Because intellectual product is not a monologue. It’s usually a result of a conversation with many different people.

I don’t have anybody to put in my Acknowledgments because I didn’t discuss this research with anybody. It wasn’t like I was about to pin down a nurse at the hospital or an Uber driver and bug them with fluidity and the collapse of the nation-state.

The only people I talked to about this are my blog readers. The blog readers were the ones who helped me figure out what I wanted to say, kept on me until my arguments made sense, pointed out every inconsistency and weakness. It looks like I was stuck at home alone writing this book, but that’s not true. I had a whole bunch of people helping me at all times.

Thank you, my friends! This is our shared achievement. I’m totally putting this in the Acknowledgments section.

Second Book

I got the reports on my book back, and the editor says he will be recommending it for publication at the next board meeting. One of the reports is glowing, the other is less so, but both are super helpful. They give reading recommendations and stuff. 

Now, the only way I’m not getting published is if my response to the readers stinks or if there are budget limitations. 

I’m very proud of myself, folks. The book was written while I was pregnant and either completely exhausted and nauseous in early pregnancy or traveling to the hospital 3 times a week and managing a raging diabetes. Plus, I was writing and submitting 3 articles on entirely different subjects at the same time. (They have all been accepted, by the way.)

Oh, I’m good. Oh, I’m very good. 

All the Choices

She gets paid 78 cents to a man’s dollar because she chose a lower paying profession.

She didn’t get tenure because she chose to concentrate on anything but research. 

She has sex with hundreds of men she finds repulsive because that’s her career choice. 

She didn’t go for a promotion because she chose to be the primary caretaker for the children. 

She quit her job to take care of her Alzheimer mother because she chose to let her brother concentrate on his PhD.

She gets hit in the face because it’s her choice to be in that relationship. 

She lies on a beach in a burqa because that’s her fashion choice. 

Isn’t it great to have all these choices?

Male Feminism

Men in my blogroll agree that only the males who paid for merchandise should be entitled to unwrap it. Everything else, they say, is un-feminist.


Are you a super-recognizer of faces? Take the short test to find out. 

Predictably, I’m not. And that’s putting it very mildly. I couldn’t shake the feeling that everybody was #4 and voted accordingly. 

Regulating the Cajun Navy

By now everybody has heard of Cajun Navy, the army of volunteers in Baton Rouge who are rescuing people in the flood zone. While some of us admire these good folks, others immediately decided to slap nanny state regulations on them to ensure that they don’t dare help others without undergoing certification, paying fees, and complying with state requirements. 

Who is trying to do such an atrocity? A Republican state Representative, of course. The party of small government strikes again. 

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