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Academic Komsomol

This piece was written by the kind of academic I am ashamed to share a profession with. The holier-than-thou earnestness is so Soviet in tone that it feels like I’m at a 1983 meeting of a Komsomol cell. What a disgrace. 


Murder by Opioid

An Oklahoma doctor is facing five counts of second-degree murder charges following the opioid overdose deaths of her patients.

Finally! If only there existed at least a tiny little chance that the companies that engaged in blatant false marketing of opioids could be brought to trial. I’d be a happy, happy person if I got to see that. I once again recommend Dreamland by Sam Quinones for a brilliant investigative report on these vicious criminals. 

First Sentence 

Klara said her first sentence yesterday. She was working at her easel and I heard her say quietly to herself, “Happy baby, happy baby.” This was super cute. 

Time to Stop Fighting

Once a cause wins a resounding victory, should it pack up and go home or keep looking for things to fight for?

I’m thinking the former because if not, you start seeing Pride get degraded all the way to Jew-bashing and. . . I don’t even know how to describe this shit. See for yourself. 

Make sure to scroll all the way to the end for a photo that will restore your faith in humanity after the insanity quoted in the post. 

TSA vs Readers

The Transportation Security Administration is testing and plans to expand a program in which airline passengers will be asked to remove books from carry-on luggage.

So what, one can’t have a laptop, a Kindle and now not even a book on a plane? What are those of us with a functioning brain supposed to do on a flight? I understand we are a tiny minority but still. 

Intellectual Renewal Challenge, Week 3

A very simple but crucial assignment for this week: set aside 5 minutes each day to write or draw with your non-dominant hand. You will feel your brain literally screech and ramp up when you do it. 

The 1st Postnational State

Wow, I didn’t know this. Turns out that Canada’s Justin Trudeau said, “Canada is the first postnational state with no core identity, no mainstream.” Like it’s a good thing. 

That stinky little turd.

Please read the quote in the context of the article on AI linked in the previous post. 

A Good Link on AI

Finally, finally, finally somebody wrote a non-dumb article on artificial intelligence. Please read. 

Octomom Update

Hey, folks, remember the Octomom? I wrote about her in the very first days of my blog. Here is a very warm and fuzzy update to her story

Worldview Quiz

How Christian, postmodern, secular or Muslim is your worldview? Take the funny quiz

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