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Census Question Goes to SCOTUS

The Supreme Court agreed on Friday to decide whether the Trump administration may add a question about citizenship to the next census questionnaire. Critics say that adding the question would undermine the accuracy of the census, because both legal and unauthorized immigrants might refuse to fill out the form. By one government estimate, about 6.5 million people might decide not to participate. That could reduce Democratic representation when congressional districts are drawn in 2021.

That’s what it was always about. It’s an electoral strategy. It’s about gerrymandering and winning elections without doing any work. It’s also about pleasing capital (which doesn’t exist, of course) by ensuring that there is an endless supply of underpaid and exploitable workers.

Capital Isn’t Real

The other reviewer hated the article because I write about liquid modernity and fluid capital “as if they were real.” Of course, if I wrote about the idiotic petit objet a as if it were real, nobody would mind.

I’m at a stage where everybody shits on my research because I talk about capital and quote Zygmunt Bauman. OK, not everybody everybody but three people. But still. I’m very annoyed.


A journal returned my article and said it can’t be published until I integrate the crucial book on the crisis written by Professor Clarissa Bulochkina (i.e. me). I didn’t quote myself in the article, it’s true, out of a sense of modesty. So now I feel a weird mix of gratification and annoyance.

Opening Fraternities to Female Students

Is a very stupid idea. Young men really need all-male groups and activities. Look at all the studies on how few men have close male friends in adulthood and how this lack of a male peer group negatively impacts life satisfaction and increases depression.

Women will always easily create all-female communities around themselves. But men aren’t taught how to do it. They need a little assistance. Especially men in college who won’t end up in working class jobs which are more hospitable to the creation of male communities.

It’s ridiculous that one of the few opportunities to advance male bonding will be sacrificed on the altar of unthinking political correctness.

Desperate to Lose

Both sides seem absolutely desperate to lose the 2020 election. Trump not only gives up on the wall but actively rolls back any attempt to uphold immigration laws. This is a betrayal of his voters that they won’t forget during the election.

But Democrats are making every effort to make sure Trump still gets reelected. They throw all their energy into winning the “who’s the biggest snowflake?” contest, repelling voters who have no interest in hearing how “our future is intersectional” and “borders kill people.”

It’s truly a competition between purveyors of empty bluster on both sides who try to appeal to the basest instincts of the most easily manipulatable voters.