A Matter of Choice

You see these war-crazed Russians in news segments, and it all feels far away. But then you see a family member, especially one with a huge resemblance to your child, engaging in these war-loving activities, and it’s really creepy.

The grandma refuses to acknowledge Klara’s existence in any way, yet Klara looks like a mirror image of her. It’s incomprehensible to me that a woman would reject a son and an only grandchild in order to sing bloodthirsty propaganda songs. Instead of finding joy in the continuation of life, she chooses to celebrate violent death.

Sweet Old Lady

N discovered today that his mother in Russia joined a choir. She wears a military uniform and sings wartime songs. He’s not showing me the videos, so I can only guess at the nature of the songs. You have to pay to participate in the choir, and N’s sister fears that mom will hand over everything she’s got and end up homeless.

Yes, that’s Russian people for you. They don’t expect to get paid to do propaganda work. They go broke paying for the privilege.

I prepared a very nice pre-Memorial Day Weekend celebration today, and I’m hoping that might distract N a bit. But yes, it’s heavy stuff.

Not that it’s a competition, but whenever my mom does some cuckoo bananas stuff, N’s ups the ante and does something much more out there.

The Importance of Restraint

The Russian propaganda has been spreading news that Valery Zaluzhnyi, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, received a serious brain wound and is undergoing brain surgery.

They went on and on for days, revving themselves up with glee. Ukrainians said nothing, letting them make complete idiots out of themselves.

When every Russian idiot and idiot sympathizer published this fake news, Zaluzhnyi released a video saying, “May 25, 2023 today, and as you can see my head is as fine as ever.”

Restraint is a crucial strategic quality.

Why People Become Woke

People do wokeness because they try to derive meaning from their ego. They call it identity but that’s what it is.

Everybody needs to feel like they matter. Humans need to do something important. If there’s nothing in the outside world to create and improve, people start fussing with their bodies and mental states. Their selves become meaning-making machines. You can’t legislate this away or explain to them they are being stupid. It won’t work.

But if you give them something outside of themselves that will help them find meaning, they’ll forget the woke stuff.

My university passed a land acknowledgement requirement a year ago. Every meeting had to start with a reading of the blasted acknowledgement. We also adopted a set of anti-racist objectives. I wrote about how we were forced to read “anti-racist” books and all that.

And then something happened. A calamity. And guess what? There has been exactly zero land acknowledgements read since then. Zero anti-racist book clubs. It’s all gone.

Did that happen because the state of Illinois passed a law banning this shit? Don’t make me laugh. It happened because people suddenly had something real to care about.

I’m not saying that everybody needs a calamity in the form of an austerity maniac like our new administrator. But you can’t persuade people to find meaning in something that exists outside their egos if you yourself find your meaning in discussions of their ego games.

Ultimately, what do we care if woke ego maniacs sew on penises, euthanize themselves, and crawl in the mud to flatter their racial guilt? We can concentrate on the important stuff we are doing.

Is there important stuff we are doing? Or does our only source of meaning consist in reacting to their ego trip? Honestly, that would be even more pathetic than finding meaning in carving out a fake vagina on one’s own body.

In Agreement

Apparently, DeSantis said yesterday that he’s opposed to sending US troops to Ukraine.

Of course, everybody in Ukraine is also completely opposed to having the overweight, over-vaccinated, over-medicated, extra sensitive and wokely brainwashed US soldiers who have failed in every military operation for generations come over.

So DeSantis doesn’t need to fret. US soldiers aren’t in demand as soldiers. But they are hugely useful as guinea pigs for Big Pharma.

I really love these strawman dramas. “No US troops in Ukraine! I’ll defend our boys!” Thanks, but nobody from Ukraine asked. Pfizer, on the other hand, has a new vaccine to test out.

Fans and Patriotism

Soccer fans were always very nationalist. I guess, rooting for a team builds patriotism.

Too Attached

People get so emotionally attached to politicians, it’s really unhealthy. It’s very possible to support and like a politician and still be able to recognize when he bombed.

“No, that wasn’t my candidate slipping and landing headfirst into a pile of dog excrement. He’s so popular that even dogs come in droves to hear him speak, and he made a welcoming gesture to make them feel included, that’s all!”

No, dude. He totally tripped into dog shit. But you can still really like his ideas on the inflation. It’s OK, you can survive reality, and so can your candidate.

I like DeSantis. He was amazing during COVID. He’s been fantastic for Florida. But today’s event was embarrassing. Denying it is even more so.

Policy vs Escalator

Remember the escalator? That was a great announcement.

“But DeSantis spoke about policy for 75 minutes! Trump couldn’t do that!”

Yes, in American politics people who can “speak about policy” always win. Like in 2016.

It doesn’t matter much because there wasn’t a significant change in anything that actually has an impact when Biden took over from Trump. So there’s no reason to expect a change with whomever is elected now.

We still aren’t getting the wall. We are getting the opposite of the wall no matter who gets elected.

Normie Blackout

So? Did he manage to announce? I didn’t stay waiting because life is too short. We’re there any zingers? Memorable phrases?

MAGAs are over the moon.

Nobody else knows who DeSantis is, and the campaign launch didn’t help them find out.

Why would anyone want to launch on Twitter anyway? Normies don’t go there. If you are active on Twitter to the point of wanting to hear a political speech, there’s no chance you haven’t picked your candidate yet.