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I Wonder Why 

Since Saturday, by the way, Russian TV has been filled with endless reports about the horrors of immigrants in Sweden. Not in Germany, France, the Netherlands, or anywhere else but specifically Sweden. 


Riots in Stockholm 

Riots have been taking place in Stockholm overnight. Apparently, they’ve been provoked by a drug-related arrest in an immigrant area. I have no doubt this will in no way affect the smug shrimp eaters we discussed on the blog yesterday. 

It’s interesting that Trump knew about the riots in advance, isn’t it? It’s not shocking or unexpected. Just mildly curious. 

Why I Hate GBI

Because it’s inhuman cruelty under the guise of caring. 

Nearly half of all prime working-age male labor-force dropouts—an army now totaling roughly 7 million men—currently take pain medication on a daily basis. . . In our mind’s eye we can now picture many millions of un-working men in the prime of life, out of work and not looking for jobs, sitting in front of screens—stoned.

Of course, it’s so easy not to notice any of this and instead self-congratulate and preen. 

And yes, there already is guaranteed basic income in the US:

Of the entire un-working prime-age male Anglo population in 2013, nearly three-fifths (57 percent) were reportedly collecting disability benefits from one or more government disability program in 2013. 

Swedish Consumers 

What’s really funny is that the tweet in the previous post was written to ridicule Trump’s comment about mass immigration problems in Sweden when the tweet itself is a perfect demonstration of why Swedish authorities are desperate to bring in immigrants. 

The tweet’s author is sincerely and simple-mindedly convinced that the whole world is eager for the details of her consumption and that there is no political and social issues that can’t be subsumed by the list of products she devours. A society like that will not procreate at replacement levels and will stagnate with only high suicide rates to break the monotony. Yes, there are people like this Ida everywhere, but in the US there are enough people with religion and enough recent immigrants to counteract the inertia of consumerism. 

Why I Hate Twitter

It’s full of pompous fools. Example:


Yes, ’cause we totally have neither shrimp nor wine here in the US. We are all about to starve.


An article on the front page of the New York Times is titled “Oil Recovers, but Not Its Jobs. Automation Reduces Need for Blue-collar Workers.” Those who insist on doubting that whole professions are being automated away should feel free to Google it. 

This will not have any sort of an adverse effect on drilling, of course. The importance of oil was never about jobs but about the enormous geopolitical influence it gives. The workers, in the meanwhile, will go on GBI and will be happy and grateful as long as they can watch illegal Mexicans bein hunted down by raids. 


My dedication to my profession is immense if I’m plowing through a book that uses words like “heteronormativity, whitenormativity (yes, it’s 1 word), and colonialnormativity (also 1 word)” in the same sentence. 

You might laugh but if good academics (me, for instance) don’t write good scholarship using meaningful language, that’s all we’ll have in lieu of scholarship. So I get to read this crap and produce an alternative. 

More Unwelcome News

73 percent of voters want to see Democrats work with the president, against only 27 percent who said Democrats should resist Trump’s every move.

The resisters are a tiny minority. Everybody else is eager for the market-state. 

Trump’s Incredibly High Approval Ratings 

Turns out that all those stories about Trump’s low approval ratings are garbage. He has enormously low approval ratings among Democrats. With Republicans, on the other hand, his approval is a sky-high 87%. So in the eyes of the people he is supposed to try to please he’s doing fantastic. Even Putin has a lower approval rating, and that’s with a fully controlled media apparatus. 

Instead of the gleeful “Ha, Trump is so hated, that loser”, we should concentrate on why he is so enormously successful with his voters. 

Class Consciousness 

For a man who sometimes has trouble concentrating on policy memos, Mr. Trump was delighted to page through a book that offered him 17 window covering options.

Golf clubs, prawns at Jean Georges, and window covering options, whatever those are – this is what the ultra-rich are all about. Their only goal is to strip you bare so that they can increase the number of their window covering options from 17 to 47. And you can either say “yes, sir!” and drop trou, or finally wonder why their window coverings should be paid for by you. 

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