Systemic Piggishness

And by the way, there are parents who are killing themselves to make sure their kids don’t notice the pandemic and have enough outside time, activities, and learning opportunities. And then there are parents whose kids run around murdering people and wielding knives and guns. When the differences between these kids become apparent, we start hearing about systemic racism and all that kind of ridiculousness. As if shitty parenting were somehow reserved for one race. It isn’t systemic racism that produces these kids. It’s systemic piggishness of their stupid parents and the systemic desire of all of us to pretend that the process of parenting has zero connection with the outcome of parenting.

Take Responsibility

As in the case of the two kids who murdered an Uber driver, I support criminal penalties for the parents (real and foster) of all kids who participated in the knife fight in Columbus, Ohio.

These people created murderous maniacs and unleashed them on society. And we are so in thrall to consumerism that we allow them to play victims on TV when their children end up dead or in jail.

Nurses Protest

A group of nurses are protesting in Toronto. They were fired for refusing to push experimental gene therapy on their patients and expressing doubts about Ontario’s insane COVID protocols on social media.

This is in response to people who say that if there were no problems with this experimental new technology, medical professionals would say something about it. Medical professionals are trying to say something but they get muzzled.

The Best Syllabus

I decided to embrace my newfound identity as a conservative, which, for me, means finding a reading list and ploughing through it. In my searches for lists, I have come across this brilliant syllabus for a course titled “Conservatism in America” by a professor at AppalachianĀ State University.

You can see this is a great prof by looking at how many office hours he has and when they are scheduled. Appalachian State had really good professors in the Humanities. There’s something deeply great about their hiring policy.

The Wrong Shakespeare

The book club wants to read Shakespeare. It’s OK, I like Shakespeare. The only problem is that they’ve chosen the single play of his that I can’t stand. It’s The Tempest. Nothing whatsoever wrong with it, except that I’m in Hispanic Studies, which means that I’ve been fucked in every orifice by the postcolonial readings of this poor play. If there was ever a way to spoil Shakespeare for people, it’s this kind of incessant clobbering over the head with a single, very politicized reading.

Anti-human Humanism

The reason why Dawkins’s 1996 award was taken away is that a couple of days ago he tweeted that people get hounded if they don’t believe that transwomen are literally women. And he immediately got hounded for making that observation.

I know that Dawkins is annoying but that’s not the point. This isn’t about trans issues either. We are now in a situation where stating facts of objective reality is not allowed if these facts contradict the dogma. The facts range from “2+2=4” to “Officer Sicknick died of a stroke.”

It Works

Folks, I can’t recommend my pre-birthday ritual strongly enough. It took a bit of shuffling things around but spending an entire week doing nothing but stuff that I enjoy is totally worth it. I feel renewed, refreshed, rejuvenated, and deeply at peace.

You don’t have to wait for your birthday. Do it as “a celebration of spring” ritual. All you need to do is make a list of everything you really enjoy and plan for how you’ll fit it into a week’s time.

The Unknown Parent

Instead of a monument to the unknown soldier, our times demand a monument to the unknown parent. It would honor every parent who has spent the last year bending over backwards to make sure the kids have a normal life and don’t notice anything is wrong. The brave people who saved their kids’ psyches by sacrificing their mental and physical health.