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Capital Wins

If anybody wants some positive news, here it is. Trump and his billionaire cabinet will dismantle the nation-state thereby preventing the next Trump from having much influence. The really funny thing is that his supporters voted for him because they thought he’d strengthen the nation-state, and he’ll do the exact opposite. 

The thing to remember is that fabulously wealthy people are by nature opposed to the nation-state at this point in time. To them, it’s nothing but an onerous restriction on the freedom of their money. There’s no benefit it can give them since the manufacturing model of capitalism withered and died back in the 1970s. Since then, capital has done nothing but try to liquefy borders and national institutions. The time to deliver the final blow to the nation-state has come.

Mommy March

Hey, my town is hosting its own anti- Trump march. It’s called “Mommy March” which I find confusing. Trump never said anything specifically anti-Mommy, did he?

All Women Are Hos

Putin explained that Trump had no need of cavorting with Russian prostitutes because “for many years he ran beauty contests, and there were many beautiful women there.”

Hitler’s Gay Propaganda 

Russia accused Poland for spreading “homosexual propaganda and fascist ideas” and “glorifying Hitler” in its school textbooks.

Hitler was known for being very pro-gay, of course. Also pro-Jew and pro-Slav. That bastard. 


I don’t know how to take Klara for walks any more. She obviously won’t stay lying in the pram or sitting in the stroller for any amount of time because she needs to be on the move. But she doesn’t walk yet. In my family nobody walks before 14 – 15 months of age. I can’t let her crawl on the ground because it’s wet and cold. So we are stuck in the house, and I’m not liking that. 

It’s All in the Head

Our classrooms don’t have windows and neither does my office. Still, I feel completely different when I have to teach in the basement as opposed to higher floors. The same course and the same material feel so much better and lighter when I know I’m not in the basement. 

Sour Polls

Another gem from the paper: 

Polls are suggesting that voters are already souring on Donald Trump. 

Hey, is that the same polls that predicted Trump’s resounding loss at every stage of this election? ‘Cause they have announced that the voters are souring on Trump for a year and a half, yet we are hours away from his inauguration. 


The NY TIMES always has the worst timing. Don’t they realize that “The Earth in 2016 Hit Record Heat” is a title that would make a greater impression on people who haven’t just spent 10 minutes shoveling snow to get to the newspaper?

Pasta Decor

At the end of a day with a teething baby:

“Want to decorate walls with spaghetti? Great! Here is a whole pan. Go ahead, honey!”

I’m happy I didn’t make a sauce because I was at a point where I would have gladly given up a batch for house decoration.


I have a friend who always and only calls me from elevators. Since I can never hear anything until he reaches the floor he needs, I get a lot of time to wonder what is it that his subconscious associates me with and why.

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