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Let the Games Continue

Russia is going to spend a cool billion dollars on the 2019 Krasnoyarsk Winter Universiade Games. 

No, they aren’t dumb. Putin’s crony oligarchs are getting antsy about the economic crisis, so Putin will let them steal most of this billion in government contracts they will get. 

The population will be told that these games are crucial to uphold Russia’s worldwide prestige and stick it to the Americans. 

That the Americans are not very aware of the 2019 Krasnoyarsk Winter Universiade Games will not be mentioned. 

Radical Leftists 

Trump: Hillary Clinton is supported by the most radical groups of Leftist progressives! She is a radical!  

Somewhere, the most radical groups of Leftist progressives are collapsing with laughter. 

We Are All Freaks 

This funny post reminded me how I, not a morning person by any stretch, asked a colleague from Argentina when it was OK to call her. 

“Just don’t call too early in the morning,” she said. 

“Sure!” I said and called at 2 pm. 

“I told you not to call at this ungodly hour!” the Argentinean moaned. “You woke me up! Freak!” 

It’s Not in Your Power

You absolutely cannot prevent the addressees of trigger warnings from freaking out and experiencing “crippling anxieties” and “violent illnesses”. There is nothing any layperson can do to prevent that. You can’t do that with trigger warnings, you can’t do that through not mentioning certain things, you simply can’t do anything about their feelings.

Their reactions are not about you and you don’t control them in any way. This is why these warnings are counterproductive. They promise what you can’t deliver. 

The best strategy is to refuse to engage with these forms of extreme self-manifestation in any way. 

People keep saying, “But what’s the harm in a simple short statement?” What’s the harm in letting an epileptic believe that you can prevent him from having a fit in your classroom? What’s the harm in letting a bipolar person believe you can prevent her from having a manic episode during a lecture? 

The harm is that people begin to think that the origin of their illness is you. 


My friends are immigrants from Mexico. Legal, in case anybody wonders. They have 4 children, a beautiful house, jobs, and a small retail business. And now, on top of all that, they started a tamale making and delivery business. The four enthusiastic kids are helping. 

The tamales are sensational, like everything they do. 


We are watching the show The Killing. The story is blah, the actors except for the leading actress are also blah, the writing is double blah. But we can’t stop watching because the show is set in Seattle, and it rains literally in every scene. There is no sunshine, ever.

I experience an almost physical enjoyment as I watch the show, and N enjoys seeing me so happy. 

The Greatest Movement 

“People say,” Trump announced today in Iowa, “that our movement is the greatest movement in all of the history of the United States.”

I suspect that African Americans whom he really wants to attract were especially appreciative of this comment. And women were also greatly impressed.

Book Notes: Luisa Elena Delgado: The Singular Nation

This is something I read for work and I won’t bore you with details. All I will say is that if Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan did literary criticism, this is what it would look like. 

Enough said.

Professors Don’t Treat Diabetes 

And it’s really cute how everybody keeps repeating that mental illness is “just like” diabetes in terms of being real illness. Yet it would never occurr to anybody to propose that the treatment of diabetes in college students should be entrusted to their professors who must provide this care for free.

I wish people thought a millimeter beyond their slogans. There is nothing progressive in farming out medical care to unpaid and unqualified laypeople. Suggesting that any passing stranger is qualified to deal with mental disorders destroys the mental health profession.  

The Pot and the Kettle

The very same people who absolutely refuse to do any teaching if they are deprived of clickers are angrily denouncing the students’ dependence on their cell phones. 

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