The Best Case Scenario

I really really hope that one of my independent research students wrote his Senior Spanish Essay in English and put it through Google Translator. This is the best case scenario for me. I need to be able to blame the horrible jumble of meaningless fragments I received from this student on Google Translator.

The worst case scenario is that the student’s Spanish is really that bad.

The Spanish speakers who read this blog will appreciate the depth of my desperation when they see the following snippet from the essay in question:

Como ha publicado a ser tal novela bien para los personajes que ya no es tan gran. Esto significa que cuando la ciudad de las obras de las sociedades Hispanoamérica que ha sido pelado a casi nada, como que producen en.

There are 6 pages of this + the bibliography.

This has to be Google Translator, right? No human being can come up with. . . this, right?

Terrible Books You Had To Read In School

Voxcorvegis started this great meme. Her choice of the most terrible book she had to read in school is Ethan Frome. I don’t get this at all because I love that novel with a passion.

I read a lot of crap in school but nothing traumatized me more than Tolstoy’s excruciatingly boring and poorly written War and Peace. Tolstoy was a woman-hater and religious fanatic who only knew how to churn out bad imitations of the great French writers.

What is the most terrible book you were forced to read during any period of your schooling?