Wednesday Link Encyclopedia and Self-Promotion

When women groom boys for abuse.

But I seriously don’t know how I’m going to cope with the impending bombardment of smug women’s magazines spawning week after week of nauseating updates about Kate’s health, and well-being, and emotions, and bowel movements, like she’s the first person to ever get knocked up by a balding man.” You seriously don’t know? OK, then I’m eager to help. Stop reading smug women’s magazines. What’s the point of wining about something that is so easy to avoid? “I can’t cope! Magazines are publishing articles I don’t like! What a tragedy!” Yes, poor you. How are you going to cope with something this tragic?

A very good and detailed explanation of that confusing place in the movie Lincoln where the Democrats are racist and the Republicans are anti-slavery.

While predominant among the ancient philosophers, as well as among some modern ones (Montaigne and Nietzsche, for example), the understanding of philosophy as an “art of living” is far from characterizing mainstream academic philosophy in the twentieth or twenty-first centuries. Now philosophy is primarily a “job.” When they are done with it, philosophers don’t take it home with them; they leave philosophy at the office, behind locked doors. The work they produce, outstanding as it may be, is not supposed to change their lives. Today philosophical conversions are regarded with suspicion and strongly discouraged; if they do happen, they tend to be dismissed.”

I agree completely that trying to make yourself likable doesn’t pay off and is a huge mistake. This is why in the new year of 2013, I promise to author many vicious and aggressive posts and comments. Between being liked and feared, we all know what I will choose.

Islamic fundamentalists and Christian Evangelicals are exactly the same. They promote the same ideas and say the same things.

A post that just oozes extreme sexual health: “But what I finally realized is that I don’t have to fit my sexuality into any one label or box. There are men I find sexually attractive, and there are women I find sexually attractive. I don’t have to figure out a ratio or obsess over what label I should use.” Giving where she comes from, it is phenomenal that she managed to become so sexually healthy.

Why the future is very bright for the progressives.

A barbaric destruction of churches in Albania with many heart-breaking photos.

Have you ever heard a single instance of “the rights of parents” being invoked in situation where it wasn’t being used in a blatant attempt to justify child abuse? Because every time these words come up, they invariably seem to issue from the mouth of some fundamentalist dirt bag arguing for his inherent right to beat his children with a belt or deliberately prevent them from learning basic facts about the world.”

Scary: “Apparently, companies are more likely to  “choose new workers much as they would choose friends or dates, zeroing in on shared leisure activities, life experiences and personality styles.” So, if you’re a would-be post-ac with weirdo academic-y tastes, hobbies, and habits and you’re having a hard time finding that new, perfect, nonacademic, exit-strategy job, maybe the key isn’t anything more than getting a personality makeover.”

10 thoughts on “Wednesday Link Encyclopedia and Self-Promotion

  1. Thanks for the article on philosophy, which acknowledges the ideology concerning its inapplicable nature. This view is actually conventional within academia, since the emphasis on writing is to build one’s career, not to establish a foundation for living one’ life. My PhD, by contrast, was such a foundation — and that is much of the reason why I am not in academia.

    Of course, the tradition of deviating from an academic mode of philosophy to a more vital one was heralded by Nietzsche. The tradition continued through French writer, Georges Bataille, who worked in La Bibliothèque Nationale, and influenced French cultural life from outside of academia. Zimbabwean writer, Marechera, arguably continues in the same tradition, as he was highly influential whilst renouncing any interest in being approved of by the establishment — even the literary establishment that recognized his merits and rewarded him.

    Nietzsche’s break from academia was due to ill health. Although he was awarded his status of professor in his early twenties, he suffered from very bad health, most likely due to his participation on the sidelines of the Franco-Prussian war. His father’s early death also suggests that some aspects of his condition may have been inherited. At least, Nietzsche himself draws that conclusion in his final book, a memoir, Ecce Homo.

    Nietzsche’s view about academia and what is wrong with it is as follows:

    When I lay asleep, then did a sheep eat at the ivy-wreath on my head,—it ate, and said thereby: “Zarathustra is no longer a scholar.”
    It said this, and went away clumsily and proudly. A child told it to me.
    I like to lie here where the children play, beside the ruined wall, among thistles and red poppies.
    A scholar am I still to the children, and also to the thistles and red poppies. Innocent are they, even in their wickedness.
    But to the sheep I am no longer a scholar: so willeth my lot-blessings upon it!
    For this is the truth: I have departed from the house of the scholars, and the door have I also slammed behind me.
    Too long did my soul sit hungry at their table: not like them have I got the knack of investigating, as the knack of nut-cracking.
    Freedom do I love, and the air over fresh soil; rather would I sleep on ox-skins than on their honours and dignities.
    I am too hot and scorched with mine own thought: often is it ready to take away my breath. Then have I to go into the open air, and away from all dusty rooms.
    But they sit cool in the cool shade: they want in everything to be merely spectators, and they avoid sitting where the sun burneth on the steps.
    Like those who stand in the street and gape at the passers-by: thus do they also wait, and gape at the thoughts which others have thought.
    Should one lay hold of them, then do they raise a dust like flour-sacks, and involuntarily: but who would divine that their dust came from corn, and from the yellow delight of the summer fields?
    When they give themselves out as wise, then do their petty sayings and truths chill me: in their wisdom there is often an odour as if it came from the swamp; and verily, I have even heard the frog croak in it!
    Clever are they—they have dexterous fingers: what doth my simplicity pretend to beside their multiplicity! All threading and knitting and weaving do their fingers understand: thus do they make the hose of the spirit!
    Good clockworks are they: only be careful to wind them up properly! Then do they indicate the hour without mistake, and make a modest noise thereby.
    Like millstones do they work, and like pestles: throw only seed-corn unto them!—they know well how to grind corn small, and make white dust out of it.
    They keep a sharp eye on one another, and do not trust each other the best. Ingenious in little artifices, they wait for those whose knowledge walketh on lame feet,—like spiders do they wait.
    I saw them always prepare their poison with precaution; and always did they put glass gloves on their fingers in doing so.
    They also know how to play with false dice; and so eagerly did I find them playing, that they perspired thereby.
    We are alien to each other, and their virtues are even more repugnant to my taste than their falsehoods and false dice.
    And when I lived with them, then did I live above them. Therefore did they take a dislike to me.
    They want to hear nothing of any one walking above their heads; and so they put wood and earth and rubbish betwixt me and their heads.
    Thus did they deafen the sound of my tread: and least have I hitherto been heard by the most learned.
    All mankind’s faults and weaknesses did they put betwixt themselves and me:—they call it “false ceiling” in their houses.
    But nevertheless I walk with my thoughts above their heads; and even should I walk on mine own errors, still would I be above them and their heads.
    For men are not equal: so speaketh justice. And what I will, they may not will!—
    Thus spake Zarathustra.


  2. I don’t have anything to promote, but I do have a request. A while back you had a thread where everyone could vent with whatever (often creative) profanity they wanted. It was extremely cathartic to write and a good deal of fun to read, and I could use a good place to rant and some curse-laden humor… So if you’re having a day when you need to vent, I would appreciate it if you reprised that sort of thread! Thanks a bunch!


  3. Stop reading smug women’s magazines

    To be fair, that isn’t a complete solution. One would also have to stop watching BBC News, which only the other day told us that morning mickness is a common but not serious ailment suffered by women at her stage of pregnancy. Because it’s really important that people are aware of this just now.


  4. I read through the article about the original positions of the Republican and Democratic Parties and they brought up the whole Barack the Magic Negro parody song that was featured on Rush’s show a few years back. I’m not trying to defend Rush or anything, but interestingly enough, the term “Obama the Magic Negro” was first used in this article by a LGBT journalist in the Los Angeles Times. Take a look.,0,3391015.story

    I think Paul Shanklin, the parody song man on Limbaugh’s show, was trying to make fun of Al Sharpton and the original article in the process. In the end, I think Rush is partially a politically incorrect shock jock and an entertainer who’s figured out a way to piss a ton of people off (particularly on the left) and use them as free advertising for his show. The strategy seems to have worked well for him. He’s almost like the Howard Stern of conservative talk radio to me whether you like him or hate him.


    1. Based on what I can tell and what I’ve read about the author of the article, I’m assuming David Ehrenstein is a liberal himself.


  5. Saw in a library a new book translated into English:

    Letters to Talia is the quintessential combination of Zionism and Judaism — –Yaakov Hagoel, Head of the Department for Activities in Israel and Countering Antisemitism World Zionist Organization

    From what I understood, it isn’t about the Middle East conflict, but shows 2 worldviews of 2 groups in Israeli Jewish society. Am unsure whether you would be interested, but decided to mention.

    Haven’t read the book myself.


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