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Friday Link Encyclopedia 

There’s no need to ask about the relationship between Putin and any Russian oligarchs. They are all members of the same criminal gang. And I mean it in the most literal sense. 

The anti-refugee boulders in Paris are a mini wall a la Trump. Just like Marine LePen is a mini-Trump.

Gmail plug in that might help the especially gruff among us. 

The horrible things people do to babies

Does anybody understand why the Obamas need to make this weird public spectacle of their private lives? Or anybody, for that matter. Why not communicate these feelings privately, instead? 

With everything that’s going on, this idiot is still fixated on Halloween costumes? Unbelievable. 

Crammers. Sad but true. 

School vouchers help desegregate schools

How to learn a language. Great suggestions. 

Idiotic righteousness has infected movie reviews

Karen K has gone completely nuts: “So many readers and clients are wondering how to keep going under the turmpocalypse.  It’s hard.  Between protesting, writing emails, signing petitions, attending town halls, and sobbing in our beds, it’s quite difficult to get anything else done. Who has time to think, let alone publish?”


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25 thoughts on “Friday Link Encyclopedia 

  1. Stringer Bell on said:

    Re: Crammers, so true. In my experience, within STEM the biggest proportion of crammers are in Biology. Especially pre-med. I’ve seen it in India, I’ve seen it here. I think the dumbest people in STEM go to medical school. They’re also the most highly-paid among all STEM disciplines, haha.


    • Dreidel on said:

      “I think the dumbest people in STEM go to medical school.”

      Yes, the dumbest students always go into the highest-paying fields! 🙂


      • Stringer Bell on said:

        Yes, because there’s such a clear correlation between intelligence and how much you make. Trump is smarter than Einstein! Football players are smarter than nobel prize winning physicists.

        You just don’t need to be smart to go to med-school. You need to have a whole lot of other essential (and rare) qualities, though. Like patience, focus, drive, etc. And yes, cramming ability.


        • Dreidel on said:

          “there’s such a clear correlation between intelligence and how much you make. ”

          Definitely. If Trump were the idiot a lot of smug people get off calling him, he wouldn’t be President.


          • Stringer Bell on said:

            I just don’t think that any test (in this case, net worth) whose result is ‘Football player smarter than Physicist’ is a valid test for measuring intellectual ability.

            Let’s just agree to disagree on this.


  2. I think Uri wrote a very important column describing the Israeli War for Independence from a point of view of somebody who was a soldier in it:

    That’s How It Happened

    His next column – How did it Start? – continues the discussion:


  3. Israelis help German aid workers deal with Syrian refugees

    Magazine: After taking the dangerous and arduous journey from the war-torn Syria to Berlin, refugees are surprised to be greeted by professionals from the Israeli Trauma Coalition, who teach German aid workers how to handle the 1.5 million refugees who came into their country.,7340,L-4922956,00.html


  4. And somebody left in comments to the last article:

    Horrifying footage of Syrian “refugee” “asylum seeker” in Sweden emerges showing him slaughtering seven men

    This is what the leftist/Islamic conspirators are working furiously to being here to America. Trump’s ban would have stopped this savage.

    It is impossible to work out who these people are or what they have done before they arrive in the West. Had he not posed for photos showing his evil work, the Swedish authorities would have been none the wiser.


  5. Stringer Bell on said:

    Can the media stop slobbering over McCain? Gushing over a random speech he made in germany against Trump while forgetting that he voted for every single nominee of his.


  6. In case you missed this wonderful poem in Ukrainian:


  7. Stringer Bell on said:


  8. Stringer Bell on said:

    “And somebody left in comments to the last article:

    Horrifying footage of Syrian “refugee” “asylum seeker” in Sweden emerges showing him slaughtering seven men”

    El, can you stop posting literally fake news copy&pasted from racist, Islamophobic sites?

    Tell us more about this Sweden attack, please.

    Fucking idiot. Have some respect for this blog.


  9. \ Tell us more about this Sweden attack, please.

    Wait, was SB referring to the following?

    During a rally in Florida, US President Trump alludes to an apparent terror attack that took place in Sweden on Friday, much to the surprise of the country’s citizens since no such attack was reported; ‘Sweden, who would believe this, Sweden,’ says Trump, adding that the country is suffering from a plethora of immigration problems; Swedish Foreign Ministry asks White House to clarify Trump’s comments.,7340,L-4924698,00.html

    I get American news mainly from Israeli news sites, so everything arrives with some delay. Have only seen this article about Trump’s fake news now.

    Stille, as an Israeli citizen, I am not an expert on UK and American media, even though I am trying to learn a little. Which free news sources are good ones, then?

    An additional problem of German news sources f.e. was that German speakers said mainstream news sources in EU were reluctant to report any problems with mass immigration, long after they became evident on the ground. If a newspaper is right wing, it does not mean it’s automatically lying.


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