A Quote from Campusland

While I’m waiting for my dental appointment, here’s a great quote from Campusland. A progressive activist explains why you always have to make unreasonable, over-the-top demands:

“To advance progressive causes,” someone said.

“Yes! But how?”

“By defeating our enemies!” someone else shouted.

“Wrong. Precisely wrong. You don’t want to defeat them. We want to lose—strategically.”

“That makes no sense,” came a reply.

“Let me put it differently. The price of any successful attack is a constructive alternative. Alinsky said that. Alinsky. Think about it. What happens if you make demands and the other side says yes? That’s the moment you have been bought and paid for. They own your ass. That’s why any demands should always be unreasonably high—impossible to comply with. Never give the enemy something they can say yes to… Why do you think the Palestinians don’t have a state? Everyone since Jimmy Carter has offered them one, but they just move the goalposts. Why? Because the moment the struggle succeeds is the moment it ceases to exist, and that is when you lose all power. True power lies in the permanent revolution. Arafat knew that. Castro knew that. If you’re fighting the establishment, you can’t become the establishment. “This is why demands must always be unreasonable. Just as importantly, your outrage must be diffuse, impossible to pin down with specifics.”

A very good novel, folks. And the writing is as non-postmodern as is humanly possible. Do read it.

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