I spent my whole childhood on the bus Kharkiv-Lisichansk. My father is Kharkiv and my mother is Lisichansk.

The names of these liberated towns and villages mean so much. It’s a coincidence that the Ukrainian counteroffensive is following the route of my childhood journeys but it adds a completely different layer of feeling for me.

Please take a moment today to celebrate the amazing victories of Ukrainian warriors.

4 thoughts on “Kharkiv-Lisichansk

  1. Russians seem to be collapsing way faster than I thought. This is truly amazing progress by the Ukrainians; their bravery and determination is unparalleled.

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    1. Thank you for the unwavering support! And thank the entire US for the crucial help.

      It’s amazing that the Russians had no idea about the operation that was being prepared. Nobody leaked, even in the times of social media. And they clearly have neither intelligence nor counterintelligence. It’s a massive operation and they…. had absolutely no idea? Amazing.


    1. Putin appeared at a ferris wheel opening in Moscow today. His official position is that this is the problem of the military command and he knows nothing about it.

      The Russian propaganda claims it was a planned Russian withdrawal because they never had any interest in keeping these territories anyway. What kind of a planned withdrawal includes leaving behind enormous stockpiles of weapons is not discussed.


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