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Stop Whining, Freddie deBoer.


A very good post by Angus Johnston. If people find it so incredibly hard to handle routine situations in the classroom, they should work on their teaching skills instead of producing long melodramatic screeds.

And by the way, since when is the word “disabled” considered unacceptable?

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Freddie deBoer:

“I have seen, with my own two eyes, a 19 year old white woman — smart, well-meaning, passionate — literally run crying from a classroom because she was so ruthlessly brow-beaten for using the word “disabled.” Not repeatedly. Not with malice. Not because of privilege. She used the word once and was excoriated for it. She never came back. I watched that happen.”

I’ve got a question, Freddie: Why? Why did you watch that happen? Why did you let the situation escalate that way? Why didn’t you step in?

It sounds like you’re describing something that happened in a classroom in which you were teaching. If so, you really screwed up that day. Because when a student is getting attacked by other students for making a mistake, it’s your job to intervene — not just on her behalf, but so that other students feel the freedom to speak…

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Russians Tease the Brits

Russian military planes flying near UK airspace caused “disruption to civil aviation” on Wednesday, the Foreign Office has said.
It said the Russian aircraft did not enter UK airspace, but the manoeuvres were “part of increasing pattern of out-of-area operations” by Russia.
The planes were “escorted” by RAF jets “throughout the time they were in the UK area of interest”, officials added.
Russia’s ambassador has been summoned to “account for the incident”.

Yes, keep flirting with these animals while they joyfully pee on your heads.

Greeks Are Pathetic

The stupid Greeks first ran their country into the ground, and are now whoring themselves out like crazy. They are hoping that Putin will adopt them now that Europe has realized how useless they are.

The Greek idiots are trying to block EU sanctions against Russia. They are miserable and hate Ukrainians for learning to be less passive and try to live better.

Hate these fucks.

War Nerd Explains Putinoids

From War Nerd’s article:

The US is the most powerful on the planet, and power is evil. So anything at all that is anti-American is good because it’s fighting Power; anything that distracts from that is evil; and anything that America professes to care about is even eviler, because of America’s monstrous hypocrisy. “It makes you dumb just writing that down, but it’s Assange’s worldview and it’s pretty much the dominant Left’s as well.”

This totally explains why so many Lefties have gone hopelessly Putinoid.

The War Nerd: Boko Haram and the Demon Consensus


A new great piece by the massively talented Gary Brecher.

Originally posted on PandoDaily:


Suddenly everyone’s talking about Boko Haram and the massacres it’s committing in Northern Nigeria.

There are two reasons for this: First, Boko is making some genuinely scary gains, cleansing the flatlands south of Lake Chad of any community it suspects of disloyalty, burning Churches and killing Christian villagers on the Cameroon border, and pushing against the provincial capital, Maiduguri—not with suicide bombings or quick raids, but a sustained conventional assault.

They’ve withdrawn for now, but it won’t be their last attack on Maiduguri. Boko is getting stronger. The attacks will continue, increasing in scale and skill, and eventually, they may well take Maiduguri. Although it’s kind of naïve to talk about BK (I mean Boko, not the Home of the Whopper) “attacking” or “taking” Maiduguri. It’s their home turf, and there’s plenty of evidence that a lot of the people who count in that part of the world are…

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Let’s Shop for Cultures!

I just heard on TV that 50% of Jews in the US married someone non-Jewish.

It’s obvious that time has come for people to start adopting cultural rituals and customs at will, without chaining them to the ridiculously outdated concept of “blood.”

For instance, the Russian N is the biggest Jew I know: he loves his Star of David, doesn’t celebrate Christmas, is bookish and uxorious to a scary degree, drives me nuts with his capacity always to answer a question with a question, and is great with money in a very non-Russian way.

Let’s be consumerist about cultures! This month I can be Peruvian, the next looks good for a spot of Ukrainianness, March is cool for being English, etc. This will make learning more prestigious as people will explore new cultures to adopt temporarily.

Michelle Stands up for Dignity

Did you hear that Michelle Obama didn’t put a submissive pillow case on her head to signal her enslavement to the barbarians in Saudi Arabia? And they swallowed it and said, “Thank you, ma’am”?

I totally dig this. Michelle rules. As an Intellectual’s Facebook

For the very first time ever, my profile has had a visitor from Ukraine:


Freaky! I wish this mysterious person got in touch.

I’m getting heavily into these days. It’s turning into quite a useful website for academic articles and books one can use for research. is like an intellectual’s version of Facebook. I hated it at first (because my psychological rigidity often gets the better of me) but now I’m beginning to see its uses.

Russian Duma Condemns

The Chair of the Russian Parliament charged a committee with creating a statement that will condemn the annexation of East Germany by West Germany.

If there is a more ridiculous organization in the world than the Russian Duma, I have no idea what it is.

A propos Chait’s PC Essay

Everybody is discussing Jonathan Chait’s essay. I read it and have only the following to say: the guy is intellectually impotent to a disturbing degree.

He has a really great collection of interesting anecdotes, yet he can’t even construct a semi-convincing narrative on their basis. His extreme laziness pushes him to string the anecdotes together with the help of the tired old “virtuous Republicans” versus “evil Democrats” binary. That’s been done a bizillion times already and it doesn’t get more exciting with every new repetition.
There is a definite problem with brainless idiots who feel perpetually sulky and aggrieved. This problem is not in any way linked to the aggrieved idiots’ pathetic excuses for political opinions. The world is more complex than the conservative / liberal division. And if Chait stopped sulking for two minutes, he might have figured that out.

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