Stalinism Deniers

As if to prove my point about the similarity between Holocaust deniers and deniers of the crimes of Stalinism, here is a video that made my hair stand on end:

It is especially cute to hear this “professor” say that he spent “many years” researching Stalinism and hasn’t found a single crime that Stalin committed. It’s great that this guy managed to live and do research for many years, even though that his studies have been pretty useless. The Ukrainians who died during the organized starvation, the victims of GULAG, the entire ethnic groups who were slaughtered during Stalin’s genocides did not get a chance to live for all those “many years.” They all died so that this well-fed individual can now stand there and spit on their memory.

Some people have lost all shame.

Dr. Grover Fur should now start applying for grants in Russia. Putin really appreciates efforts to prove that Stalin didn’t kill a single person and practically walked on water.

Thank you, Aaron, for sending me the link.


15 thoughts on “Stalinism Deniers”

  1. You’d think that if he studied Stalin so much then at some point he must at least have had a chance to skim over The Gulag Archipelago.


  2. There’s a certain sense in which people are allergic to the real world — and I don’t mean this in the same way as right-wingers do, when they throw around the expression as a means to condemn you.

    It’s more that people are addicted to their idealism, and they won’t let historical fact get in the way. They create imaginary friends and imaginary enemies and the enemies can never be allowed to win, but the friends must always be allowed to win, even if they commit atrocities. They have a lot of excuses available for their atrocities, because “they were oppressed”.

    Is it any wonder that I had so much difficulty understand my own history when this black and white schema was constantly being applied?

    Only Marechera’s work made clear to me the real lay of the land. I would have had no idea without him. All the other writing that has come out of Zimbabwe has expressed some form of idealism, as if the color of one’s skin made one’s actions good or evil.

    I think most people really struggle when challenged with the idea that this isn’t so. They think it must be a trick, to suggest to them that the world isn’t neatly demarcated along easily readable moral lines. Life is kind of dirty in that way. Also, it is necessarily so. You can’t get rid of your own dirt, and neither should you wish to, if you want to remain breathing on this Earth. Best thing you can do with it is to make your “evil” and your malice work for you. Write searing critiques of the real exploiters. Donald Trump is not your friend. Throw your excrement around in a more merry way.

    What I cannot stand are the hyper-moralists who target and condemn those who are most similar to them, in bizarre moral purification rituals. I had a run-in with someone who had recently turned radfem. She used to be much more normal, but then she went nuts and I had to shoot her.


      1. The only reason stalin made pact is to get more time as soviet army is woefully underprepared to resist a german invasion in 1939


    1. Hitler and Stalin were mutual enablers before they were direct rivals. In the United States, we sometimes forget to mention in high school history classes that Stalin took the other half of Poland when Hitler invaded in 1939. I am fairly confident that the Poles do not forget this.


      1. Exactly. The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact divided the eastern Europe very shamelessly and effectively. And in an editorial that appeared in the most important newspaper of the USSR, Stalin said, ‘I want to drink the health of our friend Adolf Hitler.’

        German pilots studied the strategy of Blitzkrieg in the USSR as another friendly gesture of Stalin towards Hitler.


  3. If stalin didnt take half of poland hitler would have completely taken full poland.Stalin is always suspicious of hitler and knew war is inevitable.He tried to delay it as long as possible.To be fair part of the reason was great purge carried by stalin


    1. Stalin was planing to start a war and he needed Hitler to defeat half of Europe first. Stalin was a Communist and that means that his plan was always to promote world revolution. This is why right before his death he was planning WW3 preceded, of course, by another great purge. This is the reason why he was killed. His aides were terrified of this new upcoming purge.


      1. Hitler didnt need stalin for the war.And vast majority of people killed by communists are left wing socialists.You have to remember that bolsheviks composed of not just communists but also socialists,trade unions,workers,pesants


        1. I also believe that Hitler didn’t want to engage in a war with Stalin. But by the summer of 1941 he didn’t have much choice left. It was obvious that Stalin was about to strike and he’d immediately cut off Hitler’s acccess to fuel by cutting off Ploeshti. Hitler had to strike and he had to do it fast before the winter started. Once he failed to defeat the Soviets before the onset of a very harsh winter, his goose was cooked.


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