A student who spent the entire day arguing with me over email about whether the word “surrealism” is a synonym of the word “subconscious” just sent me an angry rant complaining that I don’t praise her for her effort.

I keep forgetting that I need to exclaim “Good job, sweetie!” whenever I see adults manage to use the potty successfully and tie their shoelaces.

11 thoughts on “Insanity

  1. Must be a common trend going on with this latest generation growing up with all this willful ignorance. There’s a reason why Google and exist!


    1. I sent the student quotes from dictionaries. But her argument was, “I heard this word used somewhere by somebody.” It is very hard to argue against the authority of somebody somewhere.


  2. I’ve had a lot of things in my surrealism recently. One is the possibility of imminent disaster, but that was from watching a documentary of the Japanese tsunami last night. I’m easily traumatised, so things fall into my surrealism like nobody’s business.


    1. and then after listening to a talking canary in my sleep, imparting words of wisdom about how my parents would never come back because they had been permanently removed as they were frail, a dove actually flew into my bedroom window this morning and remains standing there, stunned.

      “Is this all caused by my surrealism?” I hear you ponder.


      1. ha. I thought the article said the slightly more intelligent ones were opposing those fresh reasons to maintain orderliness through internal straitjackets.


    1. And imagine how it would sound in Spanish.

      She was not even using “surreal.” It was “surrealism”: “The protagonist of the novel hides in her surrealism from the unpleasant reality of life with her husband.”


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