Bates College Is a Scam

I don’t get this argument as to how Bates College probably has an internal candidate for its 3-year lectureship in German and Russian, so it’s OK for them to put up such a job ad.

No, people, it is still not OK.

Let’s say Bates College has an internal candidate who agrees to be spit and defecated on as part of this lectureship. Let’s say this poor loser agrees to such work conditions of his own free will. Is it OK for Bates to advertise this kind of a position?

And if you see a difference between being spit and defecated on and a 3-year lectureship in German and Russian at Bates, then there is something wrong with your vision. Bates College is shitting on all of us right now. It deserves a shitstorm to hit it right back.

7 thoughts on “Bates College Is a Scam

  1. Don`t get me wrong. I agree with you. I do not think it is OK to advertise such a job, internal candidate or not. If Bates college wants to keep that dual specialist they should open a TT job, opf at least a VAP position that may lead to a TT position.

    This is the reason why I hope that their current instructor (if indeed that person is the internal candidate) find a good job elsewhere.


  2. A 3 year fixed lectureship with benefits and a good salary is a perfectly good job. TT jobs require research and publication. There are plenty of language instructors who don’t do (and don’t want to do) loads of research and publication, but would rather focus on pedagogy, and so the choice to hire a lecturer instead of a TT professor may be a calculated one. Additionally, small liberal arts colleges have to be very careful about their hiring choices – anyone they hire is expected to be a multi-tasker. If you teach Classics, better be ready to do Greek and Latin. If you’re a Chemist you’re going to be teaching Physical Chemistry AND Advanced Inorganic. If you’re teaching Art History better be able to handle everything from the Middle Ages up to Post-Modernism. Without instructors who can multi-task, the department might be faced with the decision of whether to cut Russian entirely. Who wins then?


  3. Bates is ranked no. 22 in the country for Liberal Arts colleges. And the $58k tuition that you’re balking at is tuition AND room and board. That’s right in line with other colleges and universities of that calibre, and of course doesn’t take into account their financial aid policies. In reality, Bates is considered one of the better “Value” schools in the country, if you happen to be able to get into it. Now, I didn’t go to Bates. But I did do my undergraduate at a highly-ranked small liberal arts college, so I’m actually quite confident that students at Bates DO get something in return for their tuition. In fact, having attended Ivy League schools, large state universities, suffered through a summer semester at a crappy state university satellite campus, in addition to 4 amazing years at a consortium of the top liberal arts colleges in the country, if I were giving my kids a recommendation of what kind of school to go to, places like Bates would get high marks.


    1. I’ve never seen anybody so devoid of self-respect that they would insist on staying at a blog where they are asked to go away. Buddy, nobody here cares about your stupid opinions. Just buzz off already, OK?

      You just left a comment threatening me for having an opinion, you freakazoid. Go away and join other sociopaths in their habitat. I’m sure you know exactly where that is.


  4. This is because you said no one came to your defence here and I just want to say that I completely agree. Totally ridiculous and unfair advertisement. And I can’t stand “sham search processes” when the committee has their eye on an internal candidate all along. I think it’s cruel to make prospective candidates spend time, money, and mental energy on a faux job search–especially in a time of slim job pickings.


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