Cyber Bully, Go Away!

It is unbelievable that the moment I published a post denouncing Bates’s exploitation of teaching faculty, some bully came to my blog saying s/he knows who I am and threatening me.

I’m sure this is some crazy who has nothing to do with Bates. There are always these freakazoids who troll people’s blogs trying to find fresh victims to persecute.

14 thoughts on “Cyber Bully, Go Away!”

  1. There was no threat. The fact that I know how to use google, was merely meant as a cautionary tale. You are one of the fortunate academics who has a good job, and I think its awesome that you’re concerned for the treatment of others in the profession. I just thought that maybe you would want to think a bit more about the situation, before you leveled what I saw as an unfounded criticism at Bates. I admit, I also wasn’t expecting you to respond by attacking me personally, which seems to be your modus operandi, and that angered me, so I felt inspired to respond in kind, which was of course, pointless, since you clearly had no intent of participating in any sort of rational debate. But of course, this is the internet, and we’re allowed to disagree, and this is your blog, so you’re allowed to spew whatever comes into your head without thinking first.

    I also won’t reveal your top-secret superhero identity to anyone, I swear. *facepalm*


  2. I’ve currently got a cyberbully, too, who tried to hack my Facebook account. He’s a well-known Australian misogynist, who posts that he cannot understand things and hates hippies. He can’t read or think. Apparently I am to take offence at that. But trying to hack my account is going a bit too far. He goes under the name of JOHN HARRIS and (other?) aliases.


      1. Who’d want to kiss such an obnoxious, nasty person?

        The part I like the best is when trolls start saying things like, “Is this how you write your research articles?” This question reminds me of the famous, ‘How can you do oral sex and then kiss your children with the same dirty mouth??”


        1. Maybe in the dark, so long as the lights were never turned on.

          One of the idiocies of idiots is to imagine that those who really know that they know what they are talking about would care enough to change their ways so as to make their manner of communication more palatable to idiots.


  3. I feel partially responsible for this. I knew about the internal candidate and I posted a screed about the “opening” anyway. However, I did it for exactly the reason you’re so pissed, Clarissa, because it creates (or rather perpetuates) a verkockte standard for what is acceptable to ask an employee to do at a school that charges more per year than the vast majority of people in the United States earn. The other thing is–the lectureship advertised had no language about renewal, so because of that we must assume it’s non-renewable. That makes it a categorically horrible job, inside hire or no.


    1. Oh no, this is definitely not your fault. You are doing crucially important work with your posts about the JIL and its dramatic degradation. I haven’t looked at the list in 4 years and I’m discovering from your posts that the standards have plummeted in such a short period of time. This trend will continue if we don’t unite and do something collectively to reverse it. Colleges that hire people to work in these ridiculous conditions are perpetrating a fraud against their students because a barely surviving instructor who is in constant terror of losing the job cannot provide a high-quality instruction. People should know what’s happening.

      And the existence of an internal candidate doesn’t make things better. It makes the situation even worse. I hate these fake searches because there will certainly be more than a few poor schmucks who will believe that this is a bona fide job posting, will invest their hopes, time, and resources and be made to feel like complete idiots. The situation is so fucked up that victims of these barbaric hiring practices believe not getting hired is their fault. And the verbose idiots who insist that these are great jobs make the situation worse for everybody. I only let the comments from one verbose idiot to come through on my blog just to let people see what these folks are like but there were a few more saying the same things. I banned them outright because they are causing active harm to those who are on the market right now.


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