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Corporate Justice Protesters

What people fail to notice is that student protests don’t attempt to impose principles of social justice, progressivism, or anything of the kind.

They are trying to introduce corporate principles to campuses and recreate the environment of a large corporation at their universities.

And that’s precisely why the protesters are so eagerly supported by the administrators who came to academia from big business.

Just think about it: strict speech codes, dress codes, a fake family structure (“this isn’t supposed to be an intellectual environment but our home!”), harshly scripted behaviors for everybody, over involvement of the HR in micromanaging interpersonal relationships between workers, lectures on racial and gender sensitivity aimed at minimizing lawsuit potential, administrative punishments for anybody who departs from the management – approved pitch – what else is this if not a huge corporation?

This is corporarization at its most fanatical.


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6 thoughts on “Corporate Justice Protesters

  1. Brilliant. And too, too accurate.


  2. Jonathan Mayhew on said:

    I was about to say fucking brilliant, but my friend Bob Basil beat me to it. This is so true. Merry Christmas!


  3. There already marketing themselves as perfect little cogs who’ll put up with any institutional indignity to get one of those permanent positions they supposedly don’t want….


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