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The obligatory wisdom teeth removal is a scam. Don’t risk complications just to give your dentist a chance to make an easy buck.

Talking about scams, don’t donate to charities. There are ways of relieving guilt that don’t contribute to debauchery.

When teaching becomes a nightmare.

Another clueless fellow who believes he is entitled to lecture Hillary on how to be a feminist.

It’s always very heartening to see how well young women exploit the popular online platform to derive financial gain.

I live the life of a recluse because spending a lot of time with this kind of people can shatter one’s mental health.

Ta-Nehisi Coates is back! After a couple of very bad articles, he finally recovered his voice. Love, piece, bubble gum.

[Russian] Yes, there are good Russians, too! And they all live in Canada. (And in my house.)

A slacker prof comes up with an ingenious way to explain lack of achievement. Hilarious stuff.

Only female senators showed up for work after the snowstorm.

An academic ridicules the idiotic idea that burqas give women identity. Making women look exactly the same as an identity – building device is a truly crazy idea.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists finally takes a stand against the ridiculous “breast is best” bullying that is so prevalent on this continent.

The stupid freakazoid Michael Schiavo still has the gall to milk the story of the poor woman he was so desperate to murder to please his mistress. It’s incredible that such shitty human beings even exist.

This Pope is such a freak. He has no problem celebrating the greatest tragedy ever to befall his church, yet relaxing his murderous opposition to condoms is way too revolutionary for him.

The Left needs to end its juvenile cult of the beautiful loser.  The point of the political game is to WIN dammit.  It’s not to be a better person than your opponent.  I don’t like writing that, but that’s the damn truth.  I love Sanders’ ideas and his passion, but what would a Sanders presidency actually accomplish?  As of now, I would have to say not much.” Hear, hear. Let’s lose the fear of being successful already. Being a loser victim doesn’t make anybody a better person. There is the exact same number of vicious fuckers among losers as there is among victors.

The demonstration of folks Mommy didn’t want. Now they can’t stop fantasizing about symbolically punishing Mommy for not wanting them. Of course, it would be better for all of us if they laid this all at the feet of their actual Mommies but no such luck.

The 9-month academic appointment is the best thing about being an academic, yet some weirdos oppose it.

A really pathetic case of hiding the jealousy of successful women behind fake political consciousness.

I’ve saved the best for last! Here is an absolutely hilarious way of determining whether you are racist. It’s the funniest thing on Earth, check it out.

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  1. “Determining whether you are racist”

    Well, I answered 55% of the questions, “No.” Do I get to move to the head of the class?

    “The obligatory wisdom teeth removal is a scam.”

    I’m 70 years old, and never had a tooth pulled (some are capped) — still have all four wisdom teeth. Why do you think I’m so smart? 🙂


    1. Dreidel said 1 day ago

      “Didn’t Dick Cheney shoot somebody on a hunt once?”

      At least Cheney didn’t drive anybody off a bridge and leave her at the bottom of a river to make sure she wasn’t pregnant, like a certain very prominent, very progressive Democrat did.

      (Before your time — if you don’t get the reference, don’t worry about it.)

      It shore was!
      Nevertheless, I am well aware of the tale of Mary Jo and Teddy. That’s why he eventually succumbed to a brain tumour – Karma!
      The Tutor has a newspaper scrap book filled with articles about the other very famous event taking place at the same time. It was not possible to save newspaper articles about that without also including – if only partially, the “Kopechne Swimming Lesson that went terribly awry.”

      The Tutor would always shouts ‘Remember Chappaquiddick’, whenever I don’t play along correctly.


      1. Ted Kennedy was a big fan of Chappaquiddick jokes, with punch lines like, “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.” Apparently his conscience never bothered him very much on the issue.


          1. “I have never understood the Americans’ obsession with the incredibly vulgar Kennedy family.”

            It’s what we had before the Kardashians…..

            And Teddy is such a wonderful argument against evolution, the least able least…. everything kid who somehow surrvives his far more talented siblings….


            1. “who somehow surrvives his far more talented siblings….”

              And would have become President if it hadn’t been for Chappaquiddick.


          1. Probably a thousand jokes with a variation on that punch line.

            The one I recall goes: “But Ted, what if I’m pregnant? “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”


  2. Is anybody getting a Jeff Foxworthy vibe from the ‘you’re probably a racist?’ link?

    For the blissfully unaware, Jeff Foxworthy was a comedian whose career was built around completing a single sentence that began

    “You might be a redneck if…” examples include

    “you have a home that’s mobile and three cars that aren’t”

    “you know how many bales of hay can fit in your car”

    “you keep a can of Raid on the kitchen table”

    “you can’t tell what color your car is because of the dirt”

    Anyhoo, I’m surprised the author left off such obvious clues that you are probably a racist such as…

    “you have a pulse” or “you breathe oxygen”

    But the list is just waiting an upgrade in material before somebody puts it on stage as stand up.


    1. Ok, I just discovered I’m a redneck. I haven’t managed to wash the car in 5 months and I have a can of Raid on the kitchen counter. Hmmm. . .

      Of course, according to the list I’m a huge stinking racist, so it’s not surprising that I’m a redneck, too.


  3. Regardng Cecil Rhodes, money has decided the matter (but some students on Cecil’s scholarships still don’t lose hope to bankrupt their own college):

    Statue of Cecil Rhodes will remain at Oxford University’s Oriel College
    Governors ‘fear they will lose £100m in donations if it is removed’

    Around £1.5m of gifted cash has already been cancelled, it is claimed, but college maintains that money was not the deciding factor

    According to the Daily Telegraph, had the Rhodes Must Fall movement been successful it could have left the college – which is a charity and needs donations to help balance the books – in financial ruin.

    The paper reported that the money under threat comes from the will of a single donor – it is understood that donors were astonished that the college was considering launching a six-month consultation over whether the statue of the college’s biggest benefactor should be taken down.


    1. How ironic — and incredibly hypocritical — that the student leading the fight to remove the statue is himself a Rhodes scholar. How would he react if the school agreed that Rhodes’ image was so vile that everything associated with it, including the scholarships, should be terminated?

      (Of course, money, as in millions of pounds, affected the school’s decision. This is the real world, after all.)


    2. Related issue: “U of Oregon Debates Removing MLK Quote For Not Being Inclusive Enough.”

      The University of Oregon has a plague in its student union bearing Dr. Martin Luther King’s famous “I have a dream” quote,” and some students want it to come down because the quote ignores “diversity” and “gender inequality.” One student asks, “Does the MLK quote represent us today?”

      So far the plague is staying up.


        1. “Brilliant Freudian slip or typo or whatever.”

          Good catch — actually it’s “early morning daze.” (I don’t normally get up this early.)

          “Plague” is appropriate in the first sentence, but in the last paragraph, the “g” should obviously be a “q.”


    3. I’m curious to see if the “outraged spoiled brat” fad will catch on in non-English speaking countries. For now, it seems to be a heavily Anglo thing.


  4. Just how old do you think these migrant ‘children’ are? Alarming pictures of refugees – including ‘the fastest 14-year-old in Sweden’ – that shed light on a growing scandal amid Europe’s asylum crisis

    Under Swedish human rights rules, migrants are not physically vetted so their age cannot be accurately assessed (even by measuring the size of their wrists or whether they have wisdom teeth), because such procedures are deemed intrusive, unfair and unreliable.

    The growing scandal over bogus ‘child’ migrants was highlighted this week with the murder of 22-year-old aid worker Alexandra Mezher at a Swedish refugee hostel for children […] Miss Mezher had warned her mother that she was caring for ‘big powerful guys’ aged up to 24, in a shelter designed for children aged 14 to 17.

    The Swedish experience would seem to lend support to the stance of David Cameron this week, who has rejected calls to throw open Britain’s doors to migrant children arriving alone in Europe.

    Struggling to find beds for the new arrivals, the mayor of Vimmerby, in south-east Sweden, promised to house them in spare rooms in old people’s homes.

    This policy, announced last October, was hurriedly reversed ten days ago. Mayor Tomas Peterson said it had been discovered the migrants were not children at all, but ‘men in their late teens’.

    They had, the mayor said, caused ‘serious incidents’ by abusing the old people, throwing furniture and computers out of windows, playing loud music late at night, and showing no respect for the elderly.


    1. The most bizarre thing is that Swedes seem to believe they need to “prove” something. This judging authority that requires “proof'” does not exist. They are talking to voices in their heads, nothing else.


      1. And this is precisely what I mean about treating migrants like human beings. If Swedes saw migrants as humans, as their equals and not exotic animals who make them uncomfortable, it would be super easy for them to say to the bearded children, “Hey, bud, you are a child like I’m the sultan of Brunei. Have a shame”, and the problem would be solved. But instead, they are trapped in their own discomfort because they can’t take the leap and engage with the migrants on a human level.


  5. “This Pope is such a freak. He has no problem celebrating the greatest tragedy ever to befall his church.”

    Yeah, the Pope celebrating the Reformation is as bizarre as the on-going celebration of the disastrous Civil War by the American South, something I’ve never understood.

    It’s almost as strange as if Germany were celebrating World War II.


      1. “Another clueless fellow who believes he is entitled to lecture Hillary on how to be a feminist.”

        This article is a rant on RACISM, not feminism — all the references concern how bad the Clintons were toward blacks. (Also note how the article holds First Lady Hillary responsible for everything her husband said and did as President.)


        1. From the linked piece:

          “. . . For me, it’s the stunning ignorance regarding welfare reform–which was viciously misogynist and racist in both effect”

          Sanders “is currently being vilified as someone who ‘doesn’t get it’ on issues of race and gender” when in reality Hillary is the one who doesn’t get it, according to this freak.


      2. Obviously, I meant the Southern states in the old Confederacy.

        My home state of Tennessee had more Civil War battles fought on its soil than any other state except Virginia. When I was in college there during the Civil War Centennial in the early 1960s , almost every month there was notices on the dormitory bulletin board of some celebratory re-enactment of the “Battle of Franklin, ” or the “Battle of Whatever.”

        Since all those battles were lost, what in the world was the point of celebrating?


  6. “A slacker prof comes up with an ingenious way to explain lack of achievement. Hilarious stuff.”

    This professor is arguing that she should get special treatment because her “indigenous ancestry” entitles her to follow her own rules and not those of the university. She’d fit in well at some American universities.

    BTW, you chose an exceptionally interesting set of topics for this “Encyclopedia” post.


    1. Thank you! I was afraid it would be too long but this is such a promising crop that I didn’t want to include anything.

      I’ve been waiting for a while for somebody to start claiming that they can’t publish because of their identity.


    1. Ya can’t blame the Comrades for their ill-treatment of the former Master-Racers. Them krauts was just beastly to them. The Great Patriotic War was a titanic struggle against the facists
      I had occasion to interact – professionally – with one of them arrogant ethnic still-facist-German back-packer types when I was working an NGO in Lao PDR a few years back. I ensured the sutures he required would leave a nasty scar. That’ll learn ‘im to be rude to me. It’ll resemble one half of the famous Schutzstaffel lightning bolts.
      I’m wicked funny


  7. My wisdom teeth started causing issues with all my other teeth and increasing TMJ pain, so the lowers had to be removed. The uppers have started to cause issues, too, and will have to be removed at some point as well, though this time my dentist is waiting for them to rupture. So for me, at least, it isn’t a scam. My jaw is too small to support them.


    1. Obviously, when they are diseased, that’s a different thing. I’m talking specifically about the practice of removing completely healthy teeth that don;t cause any discomfort.


      1. Wisdom teeth often grow in with the roots pointing forward rather than downward, disrupting the adjacent molars. Fortunately, I have an exceptionally big mouth (no pun intended) 🙂 , so there was room in my jaws for them. I’ll probably die without ever having a tooth pulled.


  8. “And would have become President if it hadn’t been for Chappaquiddick.”

    Putting this here since it might be wide (nb the ad is a parody, a brilliant parody that got the makers into some trouble)


    1. The Tutor has two Bumper Stickers he purchased in the Great Satan in the early seventies:

      “What spreads faster than radiation? Jane Fonda”

      “More people have died in in Ted Kennedy’s car than in nuclear accidents.”

      Obviously the latter was prior to Three Mile Island – not that anyone died there – just, you know.


  9. A very insightful long article: “The current concern about micro-aggressions compounds the problem. The extreme sensitivity to offense, the widespread consensus that one should not hurt the feelings of “marginalized and under-represented minorities,” has been an enormous boon to triumphalist Muslims. They can consistently play the card of “hurt feelings,” on the one hand to excuse Jihadi crimes [they’re upset, you mocked their prophet], and on the other, to silence criticism.”


    1. One more quote.

      “Among other things, an appreciation of the power of raw, pre-modern triumphalism in Islam allows us to grasp how small the differences that separate the “right” from the “left” in Western democracies. The split between progressive and conservative that looms so large in the current public sphere, becomes nearly indistinguishable when mapped on terrain that includes open triumphalist religiosity.

      Only when “left” and “right” leave off our narcissism of small differences, and start to act in coordination in the defense of our common values, can we begin to defend democracy and freedom.”


      1. Interesting piece, although there is a lot of simplification in it.

        However, here is the problem. Christians accepted modernity and embraced it. As a result, their religion is dead. How do you sell the same suicidal scenario to anybody else?

        Fluid consumerist modernity is deeply incompatible with religion. Let’s be honest about the costs of accepting it.


          1. I compare what is with what was. Today people who practice – including me, of course – just pick the pleasing, fun aspects and dismiss everything else. It’s consumerist in the extreme. This is why it’s so easy, for instance, for the Evangelicals to champion the obviously irreligious Donald Trump. But that’s just one example. There’s no longer actual religious practice. It’s all about identities and fun. I have a vague feeling that something really great and powerful might have been lost once we all opted for this consumerist version of Christianity. When I see the medieval cathedrals, for instance, it’s clear that whatever inspired people to create them is no longer there. And what a loss!


  10. “Ta-Nehisi Coates is back! After a couple of very bad articles, he finally recovered his voice.”

    Yes, but is he saying anything new? The very few specifics that he finally offers for reparations — “a program of job training and public works…a claims system for black veterans” — have already been in place for years, and 99% of the articles favoring reparations specifically deny that such government efforts constitute whatever “reparations” are supposed to be.

    Most of Coastes’ article is dedicated to stressing the need for Congress to study the case for reparations — which would be a total waste of time, because people who support “reparations” already do, and people who oppose them (like me) aren’t going to change our minds.

    At least, referring the discussion to a Congressional committee will mean that any attempted implication of a reparations program will be delayed indefinitely. And that’s good news, at least.


      1. I’ll change my mind on reparations when ANYBODY a) tells me what they’re supposed to be, and b) explains to me why at this point in my life I owe any group of people that I haven’t harmed ANYTHING at all.

        I’ll be dead of old age before that happens — especially if they’re going to run the idea through a Congressional committee first.


  11. Good news from Israel:

    The government approved on Sunday the creation of a mixed prayer area at the Western Wall in which both men and women can pray together.
    New area will be located south of the existing prayer areas, and will be used by Reform and Conservative Jews to pray according to their custom; Haredi parties voted against plan, but accept it as ‘lesser of evils.’,7340,L-4760088,00.html

    Most Jews in America are not Orthodox, extremely unlike the situation in Israel in which Reform and Conservative Jews are not heard of, practically. Separation between religion and state would’ve been ideal, but since it’s not on the horizon, I hope giving more rights to less Orthodox strains of Judaism would work somewhat against religious extremism (like forcing religion on secular people). You talked of what was lost by choosing a consumer’s version of Christianity. Here, look at not consumer’s version of Judaism, the Orthodox one. Would you truly want that?


    Jerusalem Jewish-Arab school arsonists’ sentences harshened
    Nahman and Shlomo Twito, who were charged with setting fire to the bilingual Hand-in-Hand School in Jerusalem in November 2014, have eight months added to their jail sentences by the Supreme Court.

    Nahman, 18, will now serve a 38-month sentence, while Shlomo, 20, will serve 32 months.,7340,L-4759935,00.html

    I hope it will send some message to would-be copycats.


    1. “Haredi parties voted against plan, but accept it as ‘lesser of evils.’”

      Yes, good news — hopefully Orthodox Jews (who can get quite angry and quite hostile when their strict doctrine is violated) will actually accept the new rules at the Western Wall, and not start fights or otherwise make trouble during prayers.


  12. This is a scandal, apparently. I thought all states did it to one another:

    US, UK spied on Israel’s drone and missile programs
    During Operation Anarchist, American and British intelligence agencies broke the encryption on transmissions made by Israel’s UAV fleet, monitored the Arrow project’s Black Sparrow target missile, and were able to breach the security of Israeli military satellites and F16 jets.,7340,L-4759904,00.html

    Also, French have nothing better to do than to:

    Israel has rejected an ultimatum set by France over the weekend to recognize a Palestinian state if Paris’ efforts to break the deadlock between the warring sides fail.

    “The French know their initiative is hopeless, but they’re doing anything to leave their marks and show they’re a relevant player in the international arena,” an Israeli source concluded.,7340,L-4759874,00.html


  13. I’m not a big fan of Michael Moore, but this is a text-book example of how to write in a clear and effective manner.

    While the Children in Flint Were Given Poisoned Water to Drink, General Motors Was Given a Special Hookup to the Clean Water.
    For Just $100 a Day, This Crisis Could’ve Been Prevented.


    1. For #5: Is there a credible link to that assertion?
      During these two years of water contamination, residents in Flint have had to contend with a decision made by the Pentagon to use Flint for target practice. Literally. Actual unannounced military exercises – complete with live ammo and explosives – were conducted last year inside the city of Flint. The army decided to practice urban warfare on Flint, making use of the thousands of abandoned homes which they could drop bombs on. Streets with dilapidated homes had rocket-propelled grenades fired upon them. For weeks, an undisclosed number of army troops pretended Flint was Baghdad or Damascus and basically had at it.

      The Wife of the Governor’s Chief of Staff Is a Spokeswoman for Nestle, Michigan’s Largest Owner of Private Water Reserves.
      The current chair of Nestle got some blowback for declaring that water is not a public right.
      “It’s a question of whether we should privatize the normal water supply for the population. And there are two different opinions on the matter. The one opinion, which I think is extreme, is represented by the NGOs, who bang on about declaring water a public right. That means that as a human being you should have a right to water. That’s an extreme solution.” The “other extreme”, he said “says that water is a foodstuff like any other, and like any other foodstuff it should have a market value.” He added, “Personally, I believe it’s better to give a foodstuff a value so that we’re all aware it has its price, and then that one should take specific measures for the part of the population that has no access to this water.”>


      1. I love Michael Moore, he’s a very talented person. And I love this statement on Flint. I’m glad he’s involved because if anybody can make sure the story doesn’t die, that’s him.


  14. Found those two posts very interesting:

    Израильский бизнес-психолог на сайте Радио СВОБОДА делится своими соображениями о внутренних психологических конфликтах, которые ожидают россиян

    Мне хочется привести еще одну иллюстрацию ко вчерашней заметке о разрыве шаблона . […] слово Бертольду Брехту.


    1. I’m actually very similar to the fellow described at the link. I’m losing actual money, good sums of money, because of the anti-Putin sanctions and the general collapse of the Russian economy. Every time the value of the ruble drops, I lose money. But every time, I feel happy.

      I’m principled and I’m paying for my beliefs in a very direct way.


  15. Have you seen this?

    Женщина в норковой шубе, рыдая: «Давайте вернём этот Крым»

    And on another topic:

    Чай или кофе – что полезней для нашего организма?

    В ходе одного – надо сказать, небольшого, – исследования испытуемым давали выпить чая или кофе, и оказалось, что оба напитка производили на участников эксперимента одинаковый эффект, добавляя бодрости по утрам.

    Хотя результаты опытов были основаны на субъективных ощущениях бодрости, не удалось выявить каких-то очевидных различий в действии двух напитков и по более объективным показателям, например, по быстроте реакции.
    Ученые пришли к заключению, что доза кофеина в напитке – это еще не все: возможно, наши ожидания также определяют, насколько бодро мы будем себя чувствовать, или дело во впечатлении от вкуса и запаха нашего любимого напитка, которые пробуждают наши чувства.

    Промежуточный итог: кажется, вопреки логике чай обеспечивает такой же мощный заряд бодрости с утра, как и кофе. В этой номинации ничья.


  16. The life jackets have been dumped near the village of Molyvos by thousands of migrants making the boat journey to Greece before heading further into Europe. The dramatic image emerged as new figures revealed the number of refugees arriving in Greece (inset) is nearly 35 times higher than this point last year. Figures from the UN’s refugee agency show that 58,547 came to the southern European country in January, compared to just 1,694 in the same month in 2015.


    1. Whenever people get into propaganda, they are likely to go nuts. Today, I read an article on a Ukrainian website arguing that there no refugees in Europe, nothing happened at Cologne, it’s all been invented by Putin’s media. And Pegida consists solely of Russians and was created by Putin.

      It’s sad what this is doing to people, and it’s sad on both sides.


      1. \ Whenever people get into propaganda, they are likely to go nuts.

        Do you mean that the article I linked to is wrong in claiming 35 times higher figure?

        Btw, previously I wondered what Greeks are supposed to do and now read this claim in the comments:

        As soon as the people on the rubber rafts see a Greek coast guard vessel, they sink their boats, thus forcing the Greeks to rescue the “shipwrecked” migrants under the laws of the sea.

        Sending them back to Turkey is difficult. Predictably, Turkey is upping its price (was: three billion euros, now: five billion euros) for sealing off its border to people smugglers while doing absolutely nothing in actual practice.

        Erdogan is being a good capitalist. Finding out what the market will bear is not an abstract exercise, you do it by raising prices for your service until the “customer” no longer plays along. That point was reached — and passed — long ago for me, but not for Merkel and Juncker. Rather than treating Turkey as a hostile state wielding the weapon of mass migration — and applying economic sanctions to hurt them back — they still cling to the fiction of Turkey as a friendly fellow NATO member state.

        Is Greece expected not to save those people?


        1. No, no, I just saw the word “refugees” and was reminded of this insane article I read about the refugees being invented by Putin. I know that the refugees are real. And that Greece will be criticized no matter what it does. Europe always needs a Mediterranean country to vilify at every stage of its existence. Right now it happens to be Greece.


  17. Something here just ‘killed’ me:

    When Judith G. helped out at a refugee center near Frankfurt last October and identified herself as Jewish, she was spat on and insulted.

    Jews across Germany are hiding their identity when volunteering at refugee shelters for fear of reprisals, adding another layer of complexity to a social, economic and logistical challenge that is stretching the fabric of German society.

    “Among the refugees, there are a great many people who grew up with hostility toward Israel and conflate these prejudices with hatred toward Jews in general,” Josef Schuster, president of the Central Council of Jews, told Reuters in an interview conducted in October.

    Some Jewish groups, such as the Berlin-based “Friends of the Fraenkleufer Synagogue”, have taken the cultural exchange issue into their own hands with around 40 volunteers helping out at a local refugee center.

    “We want to send a message to all the Jews who sit at home and build big fences around their synagogues that it’s possible and necessary to approach one another, because if we don’t try, things can only turn for the worse,” said Nina Peretz, head of the initiative.,7340,L-4760918,00.html

    Why did those Jews, who volunteered while hiding their nationality, continue volunteering? I can understand the logic of some Jewish groups who try to build bridges (even though they will fail), but those Jews-in-hiding?! Why continue attempting to serve people who literally spit on you? The image of spat-on-Jews was so disgusting to my mind. And they don’t even try to service/serve Germans, the ethnic majority, in this way, but another minority group. This image is what Israeli Zionist ideology (and some antisemites) say what Jews in diaspora are like – inferior despised people with zero self-respect.


    1. Gosh, that’s exactly what happened to my mother when she was volunteering at a Jewish charity in Ukraine! When it was revealed she was not ethnically Jewish, she was not spit up physically but yes, in every other sense. And she still continued helping in other aspects of the charity, concealing who she was.


      1. Your mother, at least, was married to a Jew and had children from her husband. 🙂 But those Jews are not connected to Muslims and seem to help (despite being spit on) out of fear: “if we don’t try, things can only turn for the worse.” They do not come from a German position of superiority, but from Jew’s in exile position of fear and trying to buy security by “being good” / useful.


        1. Or they like helping people. I think you are ascribing quite a lot of hidden motivations to people you have never met. Exile, fear, insecurity – these are your contributions to the story. People can have a million and one reasons to participate in charitable organizations or any other kind of organizations.


          1. \ I think you are ascribing quite a lot of hidden motivations to people you have never met. Exile, fear, insecurity – these are your contributions to the story.

            What?! People in those Jewish orgs say so directly. Look at the end of the sentence after the word “because” :

            “We want to send a message to all the Jews who sit at home and build big fences around their synagogues that it’s possible and necessary to approach one another, because if we don’t try, things can only turn for the worse,” said Nina Peretz, head of the initiative.

            \ Or they like helping people. I think you are ascribing quite a lot of hidden motivations to people you have never met.

            No person with self-respect “just” likes helping people who literally spit on you and whom one would be afraid to meet alone on the street out of fear of hate crimes.

            And, may be, a woman just likes doing all housework (and not) OR (while) developing a career of her own. A personal choice that should not be analyzed in terms of the patriarchal culture, right?


            1. I can only repeat that you are bringing something to the text that is not there. In charitable work, the most common experience is that of the ingratitude and often aggression on the part of those you are trying to help. This is why many people should not go into charitable work because it requires a certain state of mind that is resilient to this kind of thing. People who do choose to continue with this kind of work are, indeed, resilient to this sort of thing in a way that others don’t understand.

              I know someone who volunteered at a battered women’s shelter and had to put up with truly outlandish accusations and extreme anger of the traumatized women. If anybody imagines charitable work in terms of quiet and grateful victims sitting in silence and smiling at one beatifically, they need to drop that notion immediately. Charitable work is hard. Human beings are deeply obnoxious, and gratitude is one emotion they don’t shoulder well.


  18. \ what Israeli Zionist ideology (and some antisemites) say what Jews in diaspora are like – inferior despised people with zero self-respect.

    I exaggerated here regarding Zionist view, but as the saying goes “in every joke there is a grain of truth.”


    1. Wow, it looks exactly like that super modern tank that the Russians triumphantly paraded last year and that turned out to be made of cardboard. The poor, sad thing fell apart during a parade in the midst of Red Square. I was wondering what happened to it. . .


  19. The Dutch government’s decision to stop transferring payments to Holocaust survivors who also receive one from the Israeli government, has sparked outrage among survivors from the Netherlands.,7340,L-4761397,00.html

    I wondered whether the people of Netherlands have money for migrants, googled and found this:

    Netherlands claimed more than £500,000 from refugees in four years
    Working refugees have to hand over 75% of income to cover costs of living, and declare savings and valuables that may be liable for deductions


    1. The Dutch are living up to their reputation of being ready to exploit anything and anybody to make money. Drugs, prostitution, now refugees and Holocaust survivors. This is one very special country.


  20. I was surprised to see that. Wonder what caused the change:

    Children now make up over a third of the people making the perilous sea crossing from Turkey to Greece, the UN has said, as two more babies drowned off Europe’s shores.

    For the first time since the start of the migration crisis in Europe, there are also now more women and children crossing the border from Greece to Macedonia than adult males, according to UN children’s agency Unicef.

    “Children currently account for 36% of those risking the treacherous sea crossing between Greece and Turkey,” the Unicef spokeswoman Sarah Crowe said.

    “Children and women on the move now make up nearly 60%” of those entering from Macedonia, she added.

    The figures mark a significant shift since June, when 73% of refugees were adult males and only one in 10 were under the age of 18.

    I thought EU would stop mass migration to Europe, but now with women and children travelling, I don’t think so anymore. Looks like as long as people want to come to Europe, they will and nobody will stop them since to do so would be to go against humanity / human rights (in European mind).


    1. I don’t have the link right now but I saw a report about the enormous number of refugee children disappearing once they get to Europe. This is a good time for pedophiles and human traffickers. :-(((((((( I hope that the EU does manage to put a system in place FAST to ensure that children are not kidnapped and exploited.


      1. \ I hope that the EU does manage to put a system in place FAST to ensure that children are not kidnapped and exploited.

        How? They disappear even from refugee homes. (link below)

        Btw, why are all those children alone? Did their parents pay people smugglers to take them to EU in order to be an anchor and bring afterwards the entire family via family reunification process? How would under-13 year olds reach EU alone otherwise? Who would pay for it?

        The link:

        As of January 1st, 4,749 unaccompanied refugee children and teens had been reported missing, a German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) spokesperson told Frankfurter Rundschau (FR) on Tuesday.

        About 10 percent, or 431, of those children were under the age of 13 and 4,287 were between the ages of 14 and 17. The remaining 31 were over 18.

        This is a sharp rise from six months ago in July when 1,637 were reported missing.

        Europol reported on Sunday that at least 10,000 refugee children had gone missing in Europe over the last 24 months.

        “This does not mean that something happened to all of them,” a Europol spokesperson had told DPA regarding the report. “A portion of the children could in fact be staying with relatives. But it does mean that these children are potentially at risk.”


        1. I’m in favor of diverting money from the adult refugees and turning it entirely to helping children. It’s very worrisome what is happening to these kids. As for the “they are just staying with relatives” excuse, since when do Europeans allow children to be with unidentified relatives and not inscribed into any system?


          1. \ I’m in favor of diverting money from the adult refugees and turning it entirely to helping children.

            I am still wondering where those children come from and why their relatives decided to send them to Europe alone.

            Also, what about children coming with adult refugees as a part of a family?


    1. I keep reading articles that repeat obsessively that the virus is ONLY dangerous to pregnant women, and I’m worried. Usually, this means that nobody will be in a hurry to do anything if it’s JUST pregnant women.


  21. Татьяна Даниленко, телеведущая
    О французском фильме про Майдан

    In the comments there are several links, including to a Russian translation on YouTube.

    Btw, have you changed something on your blog? My picture turned ugly instead of a pretty fir tree. 😦


  22. EXCLUSIVE: Neo-Nazis thugs warn of a ‘year of violence’ following attacks on child migrants at train station in Sweden

    Anger at open-door immigration and asylum policy is consuming Sweden

    A recent poll found that the Sweden Democrats, an anti-immigration group with a neo-Nazi past, have become the country’s biggest political party with 28.8 per cent of the vote.

    Neo-Nazi thug and ‘Swedish Resistance Movement spokesman’ Emil Hagberg told MailOnline: ‘The coming year will be interesting. We will mount our own patrols in cities and towns in Sweden, wherever capable.

    ‘We have huge sympathy with the vigilantes who fought back [at Stockholm Central Station] on Friday. Finally someone has stood up to this madness.’

    The dramatic rise in popularity for anti-immigration groups has exposed Sweden’s dark history of right-wing politics, which has penetrated some of the country’s best known firms and even the monarchy.


  23. Russia could overrun Eastern Europe in just three days because NATO has been caught napping by Vadimir Putin and would be outgunned, according to US military predictions.

    A think tank of US military officers and civilian officials believes America and its allies do not currently have the troop and tank numbers capable of halting a Russian advance across the Baltic.

    Research carried out by the RAND Corp found that NATO had been taken by surprise by a resurgent Russia.


    1. NATO is still technically protected by the U.S. nuclear umbrella, which guaranteed the peace in Western Europe during the Cold War, when the “do not cross” line ran along the German-Polish border. Even when there were a quarter of a million Americans in West Germany, it was well known that the Soviets had overwhelming conventional forces on the European continent and would have won a conventional war. The nuke threat kept the war from ever starting.

      Whether Obama would actually follow America’s treaty obligation and do whatever was necessary to prevent a Russian conquest of NATO countries is doubtful, at best. But Putin, for all his recklessness, isn’t about to start a world war.


      1. Russians couldn’t defeat the non-existent Ukrainian army while their economy was still in great shape. Today, they won’t manage to defeat a band of toddlers. Their capacity to fight is at an all-time low and the soldiers’ enthusiasm has been severely sapped by the history of Afghanistan, Chechnya and Ukraine. For instance, all Chechens were pardoned for whatever they did in the war by the Russian government. Russian soldiers, however, we’re not pardoned.


        1. Well, whatever’s left of the Russian military is currently turning the Syrian civil war distinctly in Assad’s favor, enabling him to regain control of considerable territory that had been in rebel hands for years.

          Meanwhile John Kerry is overseeing the Syrian “peace talks” in Geneva — but nobody is participating except the United States and the U.N., which so far can’t get either side of the combatants to talk to each other.


          1. Oh, absolutely! Yet every day I see some blethering fool publish an article that says, “We should just let Russians defeat ISIS.” Which is pretty much as meaningful as saying, “We should just let Palestinians and Israelis shower each other with flowers and chocolates!” Ridiculous.


  24. The Neo-Nazi thug is right in saying ‘The coming year will be interesting.” Just reading this:

    Astonishing video shows 80,000 Syrian refugees living in giant camp in Jordan as its King warns: ‘The dam is about to burst’

    King Abdullah says flood of refugees is placing a huge strain on education and healthcare in his country

    Warns European refugee crisis will get worse if Western leaders fail to help relocate the 4.6 million Syrian refugees

    World leaders meet in London for a Syria conference on Thursday aimed at raising £6 billion for humanitarian crisis


    German journalist claims the government tells its media what it can and cannot report on following outcry over Cologne sex attack news blackout

    A former news boss claims the media takes its orders from the government

    Wolfgang Herles said reporters are told to write news to ‘Ms Merkel’s liking’

    He described German media’s closeness to the government as a ‘scandal’

    The country’s media has been pilloried for failing to report Cologne attacks

    Mainstream media ignored the incident until several days after it occurred

    AND stories like:

    \ A gang of migrants who attacked two pensioners on a Munich subway train are Afghans who have been living in Germany for four years even though their asylum applications have been rejected, MailOnline can reveal. The men – aged 19, 20 and 23 – cannot be deported back to Afghanistan because it is deemed too dangerous. They may only be fined 200 euros for the attack.


  25. A bad sign for France’s future. Looks like everybody – both Muslims and Jews – are radicalizing and ghettoizing themselves:

    Most French Jews define themselves as religious or traditional, according to the survey, and nearly 50 percent of young male Jews wear a yarmulke.

    The statistics, published by the French Institute of Public Opinion (IFOP), also revealed that 53 percent of France’s half a million Jews lead a religious lifestyle to some degree or other – and that the level of observance increases as their age goes down.

    Thus, for example, 41 percent of male Jews aged 35 and under responded that they cover their head according to tradition – a significantly higher proportion than older respondents.

    According to the researchers, this points to the community’s continued isolation in the face of the changing social climate in France. The older generation was more secular and identified more with the values of the French Republic, whereas the younger generation adhered more to Judaism, maintaining a religious lifestyle and sending their children to separate educational institutions.,7340,L-4760077,00.html


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