On Leadership

Xykademiqz wrote a great post about leadership, and it reminded me of my quite unpleasant attempt at occupying a small leadership role. There are three types of leaders:

1.Natural leaders. They have charisma and manage to motivate people to do things just on the strength of their own charm and personal power. 

2. People who don’t want to exist in a state of endless warfare with others and just do most of the work on their own. This was the kind of leader I was. I felt so embarrassed for people when they invented pathetic excuses about how the dog ate their homework and they couldn’t do their part of the assignment that I did almost everything myself and stewed in my resentment for weeks afterwards. This isn’t really leadership at all because no leading managed to occur.

3. People who realize it’s unfair for them to do everything on their own but lack the natural gift of getting others to jump through hoops for them. They wage an endless battle against everybody else in an effort to make people do their fair share. They also run the risk of growing bitter and disillusioned.

To conclude, leadership sucks.

2 thoughts on “On Leadership”

  1. Your blog success is testimony that you’re a successful leader. A thought-leader, this in my opinion more important than the management roles you seem to be talking about.

    The main thing that may be hindering you at management might be perhaps that you don’t truly believe in the nature of what you are asking others to do, if you don’t believe in it, this is super hard if not impossible to sell. I’ve had my share of trying at these kind of roles myself and hated them, was eventually somewhat successful at them but at the core I never believed in their mission, and have thankfully gone away from them.

    Other possible challenge for you might be that you’re the expert, the specialist… that’s what you’ve spend all these years on. So if a challenge comes to the team, you feel like you need to tackle it because of course you’re the specialist, who else could be best chosen to do this. I failed so many times at this category for many years. For me was a lack of trust in myself and people in general (forged by many years of my mom’s job to inculcate perfectionism in me). I learned to accept duct tape solutions, not to answer every question and try to understand more where people were coming from. I also learned to refrain myself from getting their work fixed. I’ve learned to communicate what the issues and risks associated with their work practices and be able to sleep well at night.

    Finally the last challenge was not accepting a leadership role for which I didn’t believe in its mission. The journey has been long but rewarding up to now. It’s not perfect but I’ve gone from your position from hating leadership to embracing it and getting the hang of it, while not abandoning my role of expert which I also enjoy.


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