Generation C

We are now offered workshops on how to teach the representatives of “Generation C”. Have you, folks, heard about it? Because that’s the first time I hear this term. It means “constantly connected citizens.” Nobody explains what it is they are constantly connected to or how the constant connectedness is linked to citizenship.

Of course, the university doesn’t have trouble finding money for this sort of crap. But there’s no money to buy my books for the library, even though students are asking all the time. I guess books is not what we want them to connect to.

Yes, I’m very grumpy.

9 thoughts on “Generation C

  1. They should really beware of “constantly connected citizens” for several reasons:
    1. It sounds like a euphemism for a human centipede. Do not google.
    2. That “constantly connected citizens” abbreviates to “CCC” which is an acronym for Council of Conservative Citizens in St. Louis, Missouri.
    3. The Borg!

    Sorry, I’m just grossed out.


  2. My only guess is that they are constantly connected to Internet platforms like Facebook since I cannot believe it may refer to political activism.


  3. My guess is that this is rebranding, they’re trying to come up with a new name for Generation Z because of the nickname (Generation Zyklon) some have given them for their extreme (for their age so far) conservatism.


      1. I don’t think the generation after Z is being born yet (they’ll start in a year or couple) most people put the beginning of Z around 2000 (give or take a year or two).


  4. And I actually googled “Generation C”… Surprise, it’s a marketing term! A dumb marketing term!

    Bee-like swarm behavior: Powered by social media platforms, Gen C members mobilize as one with their tribes like bees around topics that interest them. When it comes to buying decisions, 85 percent of youths rely on peer approvals. Everything is reviewed and rated, making decision-making a team sport. Marketers must talk to “we”, not “me”. Marketing successfully becomes all about “talking to the community, not the individual”, and creating a conversation for the swarm to run with.
    Wait, is that….middle school?


    1. “I actually googled “Generation C””

      All our grand theorizing gone to waste in the face of a fact finder…. gadzooks!

      “Wait, is that….middle school?”

      We’ve had Social Darwinism…. now Social Neotony!


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