Saccharine Initiatives

The university has bought an enormous number of posters that say “Hate Has No Home Here” in English, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese and Spanish and papered the campus with them. It makes a very bizarre impression, and as always, returns me to the same issue of the university paying the pathetic salary of $24,000 per year to the administrative personnel and exploiting them like there is no tomorrow while splurging on an enormous number of saccharine initiatives like this dumb poster. If you add up all this crap – the mellifluous posters, the Constantly Connected Citizens workshops, the diversity newsletters and seminars, the personnel brought in to teach the poor underpaid secretaries to put “Pronouns: she, her, hers” in their signature, etc – it comes up to quite a bit. I’d so much rather we took that money and, I don’t know, gave a one-time bonus to the janitors who have been really mistreated throughout the budget cuts and who are great hard-working people. 

10 thoughts on “Saccharine Initiatives

  1. The goal is to signal that the highly-paid administrators are properly sensitive and thus deserving of their high pay. And the fact that you need to be scolded about this just demonstrates that you don’t deserve as much money as they do!

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    1. What bugs me to the point of blind fury is that these idiotic pronouns and these dumb, meaningless slogans encompass the entirety of progressivism today. And that’s the whole point because nobody wants to do anything for the janitors and the low-wage workers. It’s so much easier to stick a dumb poster in a window and adds pronouns to the signature and feel good about oneself.

      God, I hate this shit.


  2. Isn’t underpaying the underlings, along with all the condescending attitudes and subtle discrimination said underlings also have to endure at the hands of university staff and management, also a form of this “hate” everyone’s trying so hard to (miraculously) “eliminate from the world”?

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  3. It’s not completely stupid but they all keep forgetting you’ve got to take care of the bottom tiers of Maslow’s pyramid. Did the budget fracas affect the janitors’ and the secretaries’ health insurance too?

    Because nothing feels as great as going to training and sensitivity seminars while your employer finds a way to stiff you out of health insurance and vacation.

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    1. Oh, of course. We had many people fired and now one janitor and one secretary do the work that two or three used to do with no extra pay. The only person who keeps bleating about it is obviously me. I’m a little obsessed with the topic. Because it’s so fucking unfair.

      We are having this huge employee appreciation even next month. It’s Western themed with cowboy hats and crap like that. And I seethe because all this money could be used to show appreciation for the janitors etc by way of a money bonus.


  4. My kid was working for a local construction company last summer and a fellow employee put one of those signs up in the workshop. Not sure what the intended effect was, but it totally backfired. Turned out the woman who put it up had exchanged sharp words with a fellow employee the previous day. The guy she had been arguing with saw her putting up this sign, with a message about “hate” in his native language, and assumed that the sign was meant to be a message to him that he’d been out of line, and he was angry that she was broadcasting the spat to the whole company.


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