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>Clarissa’s Cabbage Leaves Stuffed with Meat and Rice (Golubtsy): A Recipe


These Cabbage Leaves Stuffed with Meat and Rice  are called “golubtsy” in my country and constitute one of the favorite dishes of the Russian-speaking people. Tim, a reader from Germany, tells me that a similar dish exists there, and I have also seen something very similar at a Chinese buffet. However, I strongly believe that my recipe is one of the most delicious out there. Just compare the photo of how they look when I make them to a picture I posted yesterday from one of the most popular Russian-language website.
And these are my golubtsy:

Since not everybody is interested in cooking and there are quite a few photos that accompany this recipe, I will fold the recipe itself under the jump break. Otherwise, it will occupy the entire homepage.

What you will need:

For the cabbage pockets:
– 1 lb of ground meat
– a big head of cabbage
– a medium tomato
– a medium onion
– 5 cloves of garlic
– 1/2 bunch of cilantro
– a cup of rice
– some salt
For the sauce:
You can either just use your favorite tomato sauce and avoid the aggravation, or make my favorite tomato sauce. To make it you will need:
– a small can of tomato paste. I use Hunt’s because it’s the best, in my opinion
– 2 carrots
– a can of canned beets
– carrot juice
– 1/2 bunch of cilantro
– a cup of sour cream

1. Take a tomato, an onion, 5 peeled cloves of garlic, and 1/2 bunch of cilantro.

Put them all into a food processor and blend until all chunks disappear.

2. Add the resulting mix to the ground meat. For ground meat, I usually combine ground pork and ground beef for most of my recipes. Then add salt to taste and mix everything up. This is how the whole thing will look as a result.

3. Boil some rice until it’s just al dente (make sure you don’t overcook it!) and add it to the filling.

It is very important to make sure that the rice is quite firm and not mushy when you add it to the filling. Mix everything up, and your filling is ready.

4. Take a big head of cabbage and carefully remove the 8 or 9 of the biggest outer leaves. Try to remove them without tearing them. Don’t be afraid, though. I’m the clumsiest person on the planet, and I managed to do it without spoiling a single leaf. It helps to make a cut at the top of the leaf where you see this really thick part joining the leaf to the cabbage.

5. Boil some water in a pan and plunge the cabbage leaves into the boiling water one by one. The goal is to make the leaves soft enough to be folded but not mushy.

Five to seven seconds in the boiling water are usually enough.

6. After you get the cabbage leaf out of the boiling water and let it cool down some, you will need to cut off the thickest part of the leaf. I draw a very uneven red circle around it in the next picture. I’m insanely proud of my technological sophistication right now.

7. Put some filling into the cabbage leaf and fold it like a little envelope.

8. Then, place all the folded stuffing-filled cabbage leaves into a pan. This is what the whole thing will look like:

9. As I said, now you can either pour your favorite tomato sauce on top and let the whole thing simmer on a very slow fire for about an hour, or you can make the sauce the way I do it. Mix a cup of beet juice (from a can of canned beets), a cup of carrot juice, a small can of tomato paste, and a cup of sour-cream. Pour it on top of the cabbage pockets. Add some diced carrots and beets. Put some fresh herbs (cilantro is what I prefer) into the pan, too. Let everything simmer for 1 hour. And you are done.

10. Don’t tell me this isn’t beautiful:


>Data Plans: Unlimited or 200 MB Per Month?


I just took this picture of my study space
to verify whether I will be able to take pictures with
my regular camera and post them to the blog since doing that
with my BlackBerry is something I can’t
afford to do any more until
the end of the month
Spanish prof recently posted a question as to whether it makes more sense to go for an unlimited data plan on her smartphone or to choose the 200 MB per month option.
Phone companies tell gullible customers like myself that they really don’t need unlimited plans and that all their data needs will be covered extremely well by the plans with pre-set data limits. AT&T has already killed its unlimited data plan (this is a company that is unstoppable in its desire to rip off customers), and now other companies are following suit.
As one of those idiots who fell for the “you-really-don’t-need-an-unlimited-data-plan-because-you-don’t download-that-much” mantra, let me tell you what the 200 MB per month means in practical terms. I use my BlackBerry’s Internet access to read and answer emails, blog and Twitter. I never watch any movies or YouTube videos. Never download any music, games, or anything else that can be downloaded. Never surf the Internet from my smartphone. Maybe once every six weeks I receive a .doc attachment and open it. I also take pictures and send them to my blog once or twice a week. When I do that, I always make sure that the photo is emailed in the smallest size possible.
And still, somehow, I keep exceeding those magical 200MB all the time. And then I have to pay extra for the next chunk of data. Of course, if you use your smartphone’s Internet access even less than I do, then, by all means, get the limited plan. The only question I have is why a person who uses it even less than I do would need it at all.

>Will Mitt Romney Get the Republican Nomination?


Didn’t we already leave Romney on the trash heap of history after he tanked in the last primaries? Why am I hearing so many reports about his extremely high chances of getting the Republican nomination for presidency? Do people learn nothing from past experience? We’ve already had a preppy religious fanatic and a former male cheerleader from an extremely wealthy family as our president for eight years. And we still can’t sort out the mess he created both inside and outside the country. Do we really need yet another version of Bush Jr. in power? 
If the Republicans really can come up with nothing better for the elections that will mean so much to them, it goes to show that the crisis within the party is even deeper than everybody thought. Choosing the guy who lost to the guy who lost to Obama to run against. . . Obama sounds like pickings are extremely slim among the Republicans.

>Europe Is Going to the Dogs. Are We That Far Behind?


The idea of censoring the Internet, the last bastion of freedom in our over-controlled world, looks more and more attractive to governments everywhere. Here is what the European Union is hoping to do to the freedom Europeans now have of using the Internet:

The Presidency of the LEWP [Law Enforcement Working Party] presented its intention to propose concrete measures towards creating a single secure European cyberspace with a certain “virtual Schengen border” and “virtual access points” whereby the Internet Service Providers (ISP) would block illicit contents on the basis of the EU “black-list”.

Of course, we will be told that the black-list will only be used to prevent pedophiles and other criminals from posting their stuff online, which is patently false. Driving human traffickers and pedophiles underground will make it harder to apprehend them. So if this proposed Internet censorship has nothing to do with catching criminals, why introduce it? The answer is obvious:

 In 20 years the government-corporate nexus of power will be able to control nearly completely what that average person experiences in the media again.

Unless we start opposing these and similar measures today, our Internet will be stolen from us. The space where we all can say whatever we want, argue, discuss, find information, organize and plan for political activism can very easily be transformed into a place that offers nothing but political propaganda by those in power and inane advertisement. Look at television. Do you really go there for news and opinion? Or do you rely on the Internet where a multitude of voices is far more likely to tell you how things really stand and offer original thoughts and opinions instead of boring, chewed-over party line?
No matter where you live, when you hear about such measures being proposed, protest, organize, do anything you can to stop it. Don’t buy the stupid propaganda about how good, benevolent, paternalistic governments need to protect silly little you from scary pornographers, pirates, and identity thieves. Pornographers, pedophiles and thieves have existed forever. Unfortunately, they will find ways to keep existing after the Internet is castrated. The free Internet has existed for a very short time and needs our protection.

>Allies, Schmallies, or Once Again on Who Won WWII

>Profacero was kind enough to bring the  link to this diagram that shows who actually fought and won World War II and freed the world from Nazism.

>Cooking Plans


Finally, my summer holidays have begun for real, and I will be able to indulge my love for cooking. There is nothing like cooking to help one process the ideas one is working on research-wise. So I will be sharing both my insights on feminism and Spanish literature and my recipes with my readers. Here are what I’m planning to make this week:
I got this picture at my favorite
Russian-language recipe site I will
use my own recipe to make this
dish of meat and rice in cabbage leaves
2. I know it’s kind of weird to make carbonara in summer but I really really like it, so why not?
I hope mine comes out as pretty as this one.
I found the recipe here but, once again, I don’t think
I’ll follow it. 
3. I’m also trying to invent my own vegetable ragout recipe. I want something like this, but better and with a wider variety of vegetables:
I promise to share the recipe and the pictures
of my ragout when I finally finish inventing it

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