New Poll: Why Do You Keep Coming Back to Clarissa’s Blog?

We have a new poll, everybody! It allows multiple answers, so feel free to choose as many as you like. It’s in the right-hand column.

Thanks for voting!

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22 thoughts on “New Poll: Why Do You Keep Coming Back to Clarissa’s Blog?”

  1. I voted as well, but, like Melissa, I enjoy that you write about a variety of topics. I don’t think I would be able to find the diversity of political, economic, social, cultural and just plain fun topics on any other single blog. And you like Buffy – so no matter how wrong you may be on other topics, at least you got one thing right. 🙂


  2. You embody my dream colleague. Instead of knocking on your door once or twice a day to hear an intelligent perspective (and not necessarily compatible with my own worldview), I come to your blog. Unlike a lot of academics in our field, you are interested in the world at large, are curious about a diverse range of topics, and don’t have preconceived notions of what encompasses real culture. Also, the fact that you’re blogging about compelling issues that affect us all, in one way or another, probably means that you have a clear sense of perspective and are not too involved in puerile politicking at work.


    1. Thank you, Nazca!!! This means a lot to me. One often feels a little isolated from colleagues, especially in summer when everybody is away. Which is why it’s great to have a group of colleagues online to share our perspective and support each other in our struggles.


  3. You are local.
    I like hearing from a junior faculty member who hasn’t had a chance to get burned-out.
    I like hearing about the liberal arts academic milieu, certainly different from the academic medical center milieu.


  4. Thank you, everybody! You are kind, wonderful people.

    It is also very funny that I listed all reasons I could come up with but still there are some I didn’t think of. 🙂 Who could have thought that people come here because it’s the best statist blog? I don’t even know what that means. 🙂

    I can’t wait to see if anybody confesses that they keep coming because they need to show me I’m wrong. There are several regular readers like that around here. I hope they have the requisite sense of humor to confess. 🙂


  5. What’s about to drive me away, though, is the deliberate obtuseness. I realize it gets more people to say more things and so it’s a smart strategy for a monetized blog like this one. But in the end, it feels like oxygen thievery.


    1. Oh, come on. I explained exactly how Skimlinks works in a long post. If you chose not to understand that the number of hits and comments – even if I get a trillion hits and comments per second – will not bring me a dime, then I seriously wonder who is being obtuse.

      Seriously, it’s kind of offensive to suggest that I believe what I do and say what I do to make money. Do you know how often I get offered good amounts of money to write sponsored posts? I refused every single one of them because whatever I say, I have to believe in it. The last one I refused was the day before yesterday for $150.


    1. How come I forgot to put variety of topics on the list? I tried to cover every possibility but missed one. It tells us a lot about how I see myself. 🙂

      Thank you, Elizabeth!


  6. I do disagree with you a lot but overall, I’d have to say that this blog has been a net positive for me. Your position on quite a few things (in your own inimitable style) has helped redefine my own perspective, sometimes. So yeah, even if I get exasperated at some of your posts I know there’s always a very useful little gem right around the corner, and that keeps me coming back.


  7. I click Clarissa’s blog on, depending on the subject matter, do I….can I….relate to it? If it’s about feminism & I perceive it as negative, then I’m not likely to leave a comment.
    Clarissa, I know how you feel about the derivative of “husband,” so if the term comes up again, I’ll use the gender-neutral term, spouse.


      1. I am really curious about this, too. Also, what about the word “man” (as in “my man”) or is that too earthy?


        1. As I said, I’m not bothered by “hubby” for ideological reasons. It’s simply an autistic thing. Another word I can’t stand is “acrobat.” I don’t dislike people who engage in the profession, it’s just the way the word sounds. Imagine how I suffered when “Adobe Acrobat” became popular. 🙂

          There are also words I love. Like “bicycle.” I don’t ride bicycles, I just like saying the word. If I repeat it many times, I feel all warm and fuzzy.


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