A Different Source but Still Very Weird

The Twitter is a joy that keeps giving, people. I just discovered the following pearl of wisdom on the subject of London riots: “If banksters in the City of London were never allowed to loot these people to begin with, they would not resort to looting today.”

Of course, the banksters are to blame for everything in the universe. If the articles I submitted for publication get rejected, I’ll just know that the evil banksters made me write crappy articles. I don’t know how they did this, but it has to be them, right?

Feel free to share all the bad things the banksters made you do.

4 thoughts on “A Different Source but Still Very Weird”

  1. Actually, they kept thousands of dollars of my parent’s account. In Argentina in the 1990s, one peso equaled one dollar, and you could have savings accounts in dollars. When the “corralito” and then the devaluation of the currency took place, they refused to return those savings in dollars, but instead lobbied the government to pass a law where it said that one dollar would equal 1.4 pesos. By the time my parents could actually access the account, 1 dollar equaled 3.2 pesos. So I don’t know about writing bad papers, but they did a lot of wreckage in national economies. This is my personal story, but I am sure you can find similar ones.


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