Have You Missed Me?

I know I haven’t been as good as I usually am about answering comments yesterday, for which I’m sorry. First, I was traveling to Canada and then waging a battle with the very weird and limited system of connections in Montreal.

In terms of gaining access to the Internet, this isn’t USA, people. You either can’t get access, or you have to jump through hoops to get anything connected. The connections are slow, unreliable and unpredictable. My BlackBerry is pretty much useless here. I can use th iPad but it’s a very aggravating toy.

However, Montreal is beautiful and makes it all worth it, as usual. And it isn’t hot at all. I even remembered what it means to sleep without the AC.

Not to worry, I will win the battle with Canadian Internet. In the meanwhile, posts will keep appearing and I will keep answering comments. We have a small infestation of MRAs on the blogat the moment. Just let me know when you grow tired of them, and I’ll kick them out for good.

9 thoughts on “Have You Missed Me?”

    1. MRA=Men’s Rights Advocate.
      WRA=Women’s Rights Advocate
      FRA=Feminist Rights Advocate.

      So Clarissa seems more to be a WRA than a FRA, and she counfonds myself with a MRA-type guy.


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